080716 "How Clean is your house"

We are Way past Spring Cleaning. You now need to stay on top of the clutter. And Im not talking about the dirt that is piling up on your fan blades. I mean your refrigerator and pantry! Let's take a look inside your house and see what can be helping or hurting your progress towards optimal health.

First lets start with your pantry. If you home is like many that I have seen, your pantry is the size of a small closet and it has some things in it that are intentionally hidden from sight. These can be your not-so-perishable cookies and processed grains that can sit for long periods of time and are easily accessible for quick consumption and an easy sugar fix! These are not so good for you and should be replaced with some good pantry items.

To stock the shelves I would encourage your to buy some canned tuna, sardines, and even some canned veggies like beans, green beans, corn, olives.. easy things that you can add to a dish to give it color and usually a good source of concentrated Vitamin C and iron. The proteins like tuna and sardines can be prepared quick and have very little bad stuff in them from the get go!!

Nuts and if you would like, some whole oats for a breakfast can round out your pantry. The goal is to get away from all the over processed food products that take up space and can drain your wallet.

In your fridge I would suggest.... all fresh. WE have spoken about meal prepping and that is really what your fridge should be storing.... real food. If you are like me, you like to open that sucker up and grab and snack.

I am impatient, I admit it.

The key to a healthy fridge is to keep it at a minimum in terms of things to stock. Once again it is about spoilage and clutter that can just confuse your goals. As a father with two kids we do go to the store often but it is worth it to ensure that our veggies stay fresh and we USE everything that we buy and nothing gets thrown away. Keeping your fridge simple with your ingredients, some prepared meals and spices, you can stay on track, achieve your goals, and eat well.

Costco can fill your fridge fast so be sure to plan for the size of the packages in the fridge and make it a point to get creative and use all that your buy. Veggies are a good example. A big ass bag of lettuce or bell peppers can be used for so many things and it does not hurt to split a shopping trip to Costco if you are single and have a friend who is as well!

A clean house is a healthy house. Take a hard look at your pantry and fridge and stay on track to your goal of optimal health.


Agility Warm Up:
High Knee Pull
High Knees Dynamic
Quad Pull
Butt Kickers
Marching High Kicks
Plyo Step W/ Arm Swing
Power Skip
Figure 4 drill
Power Carioca
Side Shuffle
Falling Starts

Banded Buddy Pulls X4 each

Skill Development:

4X 100m Sprint
*Walk Back to start and then begin again

2X400m Run
*Rest is equal to work time


15 min AMRAP

10m Handstand Walk / 3 Wall Walks
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
400m Run

Rest 1:00 between rounds