110816 "Important Connections between Calcium and Magnesium"

Calcium and Magnesium are essential for the serious athlete. In fact, these two essential minerals are vital for the human body.. Period... These two are the best of friends and you need to find a balance with both to ensure that your muscles, heart and brain are functioning properly .

Calcium has a direct effect on how your neurological system, muscle contraction, and bone health operate. without enough calcium you can put yourself at risk for anything from head aches to osteoporosis. Calcium is touted in milk products although you never know since the pasteurization process kicks out all the good stuff in the product. Coconut Milk and Almond Milk both have high calcium levels if you want to drink your calcium but so does Kefir, Leafy Greens, and beans. If you are diligent about eating a diverse plate, there should be no problem in getting the daily allotment of calcium.

Magnesium on the other hand is something that most americans are lacking in.

Magnesium works in conjunction with calcium, helping with absorption and adding to potency. Magnesium helps muscles to be loose and supple whereas Calcium helps muscles have the ability to fire and activate on command. Like a Perfect YIN/YANG!

Magnesium deficiency comes on strong and we don't even know what hit us. If you are someone with chronic soreness in muscles after training (especially Calves), don't sleep that soundly, have bad PMS symptoms... then you probably have a magnesium deficiency. For years I have told athletes to supplement magnesium. I encourage this supplement even more than protein. Magnesium helps keep your heart strong and beat correctly. That is much more important than muscle growth!

Magnesium and Calcium should be taken in a 1:1 ratio. The good thing is that when you eat green leafy veggies, you consume both vital minerals. Beans are also chalked fun of both as well.

Since most are deficient I would encourage you to all think before you eat. There are also some great Magnesium and Calcium supplements out there like the XEndurance Pills. You will many times see Black Pepper added as well. This is to encourage absorption. Bottom line is to eat and supplement.. kick ass and stay healthy.

5 Mins Lacross ball Mob (Chest)

ROM Drills Then,

50 Double Unders
20 Renegade Rows
20 Mtn Climbers

Skill Development:
Kipping Ring Dips
*Spend 10 Mins working the Kipping Ring Dip

- Ring Support Bottom
- Hip Flexion (knee to chest)



7 Hang Snatch 95/65
9 V UPs