170816 "Cirling back to Magnesium"

Over and over my nutrition conversations have been circling back to the vital mineral Magnesium. Whether it is about performance, sleep or muscle soreness there is a good chance that whatever questions you may have about how your body performs... it has to do with Magnesium.

To refresh what I have noted many times over in conversation as well as in my blog posts..
-Magnesium is as vital to bone structure as calcium.
- Magnesium works to relax muscles whereas calcium is used in contraction.
- Magnesium deficiency contributes to high blood pressure and irregular heart beat.
- Magnesium can help maintain a healthy Gut lining!

Dietary Magnesium is an essential source for a healthy diet and body maintenance. You can ensure proper dietary intake with these GREAT foods:
-Spinach (Organic and locally sourced)
-Chard (organic and locally sourced)
-Almonds (organic)
-Pumpkin Seed
- Kefir or Raw Yogurt or Raw Dairy products ( pasteurized dairy is stripped of most vital nutrients)
-Beans ( organic)
- Avocado
- Bananas (organic, apple Bananas are the best!)
- Dark Chocolate (I'm not saying grab a chocolate bar but high quality chocolate can be taken in moderation)

Supplementation of Magnesium should not be overlooked as many athletes demand more than what is delivered even in the healthiest diets. A simple test at the doctors office can let you know how your levels sit on a normal basis. I suggest taking a magnesium specific supplement or one that combines Zinc or Calcium as those are other minerals that should be taken on a 1:1 basis with magnesium.

I am stoked to hear all of you talking about this and getting fired up on your health. Lets keep the conversations going and I will make myself available whenever you need me!!!!


Lat Band Mobility/ Bully stretch/ Deltoid Mob

Ring Rows
Jump Lunges
Flute Bridge W/ Reach

*Between Each Round, do 2 passes through Agility Ladder

Skill Development:
Bar Muscle Up/ 12 Min/ Quality
*practice Each Movement
Australian Pull Ups
Australian Dips
Kipping Muscle Up


4oom Barbell Carry
50 Lateral Box Jumps 20/18
40 Hollow Rocks
30 Power cleans 115/75
20 Bridge Ups
10 Rope Climbs / Rope Lowers
400m Barbell Carry