180816 "The Art Of Focus"

Mental Focus is truly an art in modern times. There seems to be more and more distractions that are constantly making us swerve out of control. What suffers are performance, relationships, your sense of self, and a litany of other important aspects that make you great.

As any productive member of our community knows, our lives demand focus. If we want to make sure that our jobs, our kids, our relationships stay in balance, then focus needs to be paramount. I have compiled a list that will help you maintain focus and in turn... will boost your life's performance.

  1. Sleep. More and more the 8 hour a night sleep cycle is becoming ancient history. I know that I am guilty of getting no more than 6 hours on a good night most times and I truly feel it. Sleep is kind of at odds with our daily struggles. Our bodies want to sleep and recover yet our stress and thoughts can wake us and keep us restless. pay more attention to your sleep.
  2. Read and do puzzles. Clarity is a beautiful thing. By clearing the mind during a good read or keeping our focus high during a puzzle game or crossword; a lot of other shit gets blocked out. Reading has been linked to lowering blood pressure and it is now a proven fact that people who enjoy reading live longer than those that don't.
  3. Eat Right. I write, speak and coach you all on how to eat well and the subsequent benefits of doing so. Sharp Mental focus is only maintained by a properly working brain and gut. Making sure you are giving your brain enough good fat to run on and protein to rebuild the body... you will be ensuring that goals will be accomplished and life remains good.
  4. Relax and Breath. The simple act of being conscious during breath is a great way to clear the mind and also gain mental focus. As athletes we strive to prepare the body for all kinds of stresses so good deep breathing oxygenates the blood and fuels the brain with optimal goodness to keep our thinking clear. Breathing also calms the body resulting in a more focused consciousness.
  5. Be Creative. If you are into painting or writing... do  it.. If you need or see a new challenge in your life... definitely do it... If it scares you... DO IT. By opening your mind and focus to new challenges or deeper thinking you will gain better understanding of yourself and you mental abilities. Shaking up the NORM is essential for remaining sharp so be aware, be open and be curious.

Stick with these simple rules and you will keep yourself sharp. Everything that life throws at us is easily maneuvered if our minds are clear and present.


Global Extension Drills

Agility Warm Up

High Knee Pulls
High Knees
Quad Pulls
Butt Kickers
Elbow To Instep
Marching High Kicks
Plyo Step
Fig 4 Drills
Lateral Bounding

4X Banded Buddy Pulls

Barbell Roll Out
Barbell Sit Up
Barbell Bent Over Row
Barbell Press
Barbell SDHP
Barbell Romanian Deadlift
Barbel Front Squat

Skill Development:
Push Press
*Building Each Set

400m Sprint
21 Thruster 115/75
400m Sprint
15 Thruster
400 m Sprint
9 Thruster