220816 "Dehydration Makes you FAT"

Ever since you were in middle school you have heard that "The Body is 75% Water". Our bones, our blood, our muscles and our brain are reservoirs of fluid and the building block for that fluid is the good clear stuff that HOPEFULLY you are getting enough of.

Hydrating correctly is essential for a host of bodily functions. As you may recall during the Whole Food Challenge that took place a few months ago, making sure that 4 liters of water were drunk per day was important enough to put within the diet challenge. Water detoxifies the body through allowing the skin, the kidneys and the cells to process waste and flush it through the gut or out of the skin itself.

But did you know that dehydration could be making you fat??

As I was saying about your cells processing waste... It takes a constant stream of water to flush out inflammation and toxins. When toxins back up inside the cells there is a depletion of energy and the body kicks on the natural response to stress and energy levels.... hunger. When people get dehydrated they get hungry. If you know friends or loved ones that survive on sugar sweetened beverages, juices, or anything but straight up water; you need to let them know that they are starving their bodies of such an essential element of survival. Along with the cells, the Gut needs water to process out all the toxins as well as bacteria and other unnecessary shit that ends up in your gut.

High Cholesterol is also another byproduct of dehydration. Your cells are machines with survival in mind. As a response to a lack of water inside the cell, it will produce more cholesterol (literally a waxy FAT -called a lipid) to stop the water from leaving the cell. So not only are people who are dehydrated getting fatter, but they are also suffering from high cholesterol which can have a direct effect on the function of the heart!

On the plus side... It has been shown that when you drink 1-2 glasses of water before each meal your body will not require so much food to be full and can aid in weight loss. Also, your digestive system will run more efficiently with water already priming the system . But before you go on an all water diet though, be sure that the food you are consuming is of the highest quality and should match your activity levels!


Lunge Flow + ROM Drills

Agility Ladder Drills + Agility Warm Up

Partner Skill Work:

As a Team of 2, each partner completes 3 rounds, alternating

6 Strict T2B
50m Buddy Pull

* each round should be completed as fast as possible before switching.

Partner WOD:

Complete 10 Rounds for total time W/ a Partner.
P1- Hold Front Rack @185/115
P2- 150m Shuttle Sprint
8 Chest To Bar Pull Up
5 KB Swing

*If partner drops the bar before P2 completes round, the pair will complete 40 Partner Over Burpees at the end of the 10th round.