240816 "Kale, Quinoa, Chicken Salad"

Arguably the hardest part of the day for me is dinner time. My wife works at night, the kids have after school sports, homework needs to get done, laundry needs starting and the Blog needs to get written.

You have 90 minutes to get it all done before the kids need to go to bed.... GO!!

Needless to say making the most nutritious dinner for my family is very important. Minding the macros is huge for me at this time for the sake of my kids who have eaten well but have been snacking all afternoon so I feel it important to fuel them with good stuff before dinner.

I have a go to Protein, Carb and Fat salad that has easily become a go to in our house. It combines nothing fancy, rather just items from Costco and Kukui'ula market. Simple and effective.

Begin with 2-3 chicken breasts. Grill 'em.. If you want so extra protein either for lunch mañana or in other meal prep ways, err on the high side.

Now for the Quinoa. Before I cook it up in some water, I like to lightly toast it in the pan with a little oil before. Coconut oil that is! After it has been heated in the pan and I've moved it around a bit, Ill finish it in water until ready. I use about 3/4 Quinoa which may not look like a lot but it will once its all cooked. Same as the chicken, if you want to have some for a future meal... cook more.

For the Kale Salad. The kale can be straight from the garden but Aunty sells bunches that will work good for this meal. I chop the heck out of this stuff, down to little shreds as my kids like it better that way. Don't go overboard on the Kale. It is better to chop it as you go meal by meal instead of cutting the whole bunch at once. For this salad, use 5 cups.

In the salad I will put;
-fresh pressed garlic, 2 Cloves.
-Oregano, I use the dry stuff so I'll say like 8 shakes!
- Honey. Local! I use this as a dressing and put in a tablespoon.
- Lemons. Cristin always has lemons.. I juice 1 lemon.
-Sunflower seeds or Pine Nuts or Pumpkin Seeds. Put in about 1/2 cup.
-Hawaiian Sea Salt. 2 Teaspoons
-Black Pepper to taste.
-Olive Oil. Drizzle on or combine with honey and Lemon to make a dressing. Either way, don't use so much that the salad gets all watered and oiled down!
-Parmesean Cheese. I use the cheap stuff and shake it on the top of the salad but by all means, use the fresh stuff.

When the chicken and Quinoa are complete, let them cool a bit. To keep the salad more appealing and better tasting, don't dump hot ass chicken and grain on a cold salad. The Kale will wilt and look crappy.

My favorite part is that it is a one bowl dinner. Not too many dishes to clean!

The kids may not want to just eat salad so I entice them many time by making it a dipping salad where they take the Miltons Gluten Free Crackers and scoop the Quinoa, Kale and Chicken up and eat it that way.

By all means try this recipe and let me know how it works for your family!


Jump Rope Warm Up
-75 Single under
-25 Single Leg L/R
-25 High Knees
-25 Butt Kickers
-50 Straight Leg Shuffles
-25 High Jump Singles

Banded Mobility Sequence:
15 Reps @each
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Squats
Banded truck Circles
Banded Samson W/ Pass Thru
Banded Press
Banded Pull Apart

'Tabata Your Face Off'

8 Rounds @ Each Movement before moving onto next.
-Deadlift @185/135
-HandStand Push Up
-Double KB Front Squat
-Double Unders