250816 "Fasting and Restriction don't work"

While perusing the internet on the topic of dieting I am lead to two types of 'weight loss' solutions; Fasting and Caloric Restriction. The two are unique and yet very similar  when it comes to your metabolic physiology. I will lay my cards on the table and tell you that Neither work for long term plans for optimal health OR Athletic performance.

Intermittent fasting is about as old as the Human species itself. Paleo man would go from times of great abundance to times of severe starvation depending on the time of year and what game was in season. Physiologically the human species adapted to these large swings by what we now call "Insulin Resistance" or "Insulin Sensitivity". What happens is quite simple. Think of your body as a machine. Important parts of the machine need fuel Constantly! This is your brain and to a lesser extent, your heart. When there is stress on the machine, certain accessory parts get shut down to conserve power for the important ones.

During Intermittent fasting the liver, pancreas, brain, blood, and your FAT (adipose tissue) talk to each other and start shutting things down and our cels become givers... giving up all glucose to the system to feed the brain. Where this runs into the problem in modern humans is that once you begin eating again your body will crave and drive you to eat more sugar laden foods to replenish its stores and prepare for more stress. This wasn't the case with Paleo Guy but it is for us. Our world is bombarded with crappy food and there is a very high probability that those who fast for health tend to just run their metabolism up and down!

We talked at length about how dumb caloric restriction is for optimal health during our challenge a couple months ago. Limiting calories creates swings in metabolic resiliency that lead to prolonged health risks and an overall outcome of .... 'more of the same"...

Calorie restriction is based on antiquated thinking that if you just eat less then you will lose weight.. Simple yet totally misses the mark. In fact, the opposite is true. By eating MORE Protein you will actually loose fat and gain muscle!. Muscle fibers gained through athletic training and eating properly stabilize and feed the hormonal balance in the body. By eating less and restricting your body, you throw your entire hormonal balance into a mess.

I hate to use this example but I have seen many women and men who do calorie restriction diets and then begin a running regiment (by running I mean jogging). About a month after beginning they notice that not only have they not lost any weight, but they seem to be getting fatter around the hips and waist. Plus they feel tired and run down.

Why is this?

Fat tissue is just like any other organ. In fact it has dominance over other organs since it is in control of feeding the body in times of need. Since calorie restriction has been occurring, the fat tissue has been holding onto all extra energy for brain use. This means that the muscles have been working overtime to release glucose for the body resulting in reduced muscle tone and super fatigue.

Simply put. Calorie Restriction doesn't work! So... Grab your favorite protein and go to town. Don't cut back, rather eat more and exercise more. This is the true way to attain optimal health and the body you want.


400m Run
20m Duck Walk
20m Bear Crawl
20m Spiderman Crawl
20m Reverse Lunges

Wrist Stretch
Arm Circles
Tricep Stretch
Bully Stretch
Hip Swivel Kicks
Hip Capsule Stretch
Squat Therapy

Midline Work :
Dead bug Series

Skill Development:
7 Rounds Not for Time
5X False Grip Ring Rows
5X Muscle Up Pull Through
5X Dips
:20 L Sit on parallette
10m HS Walk

14 Minute EMOM
4 Pistol Squat
6 Pull Up
8 Box Jump 24/20