310816 "Practical Paleo"

Tonight I wanted to share a website that is full of nutrition and real world solutions to our food lifestyle. Trying to find balance in our lives between our daily family duties and our eating schedule is important. Just as in our Fitness regiment we stay aware, take notes, and learn from others. 

I use this same approach in my own life where I reach out to people with more knowledge than myself to guide me towards ideas that will make my life easier. Nutrition is something that is super important and If you value your kids health as much as I do mine, it is worth the homework!


Practical Paleo  is a website that helps me in my search for balance. I would like you to check the site out for meal ideas and insights into how to 'hack' the nutrition life that you so desire. From shopping lists to menu ideas, this site really puts a real world twist on a topic that seems sometimes out of each. 

You know what you want. All it takes is the same research and dedication that you put into your training in the gym!


Agility Warm Up
Power Carioca- Explosive Hip Flexion
Quick Foot Hip Swivel- More foot strikes the better
One Foot Lateral Hop- side to side 10m
Lateral Bounding- one foot land and take off
Lateral Ladder Drills- to cones

Lacrosse Ball Toss Game

Turkish Get Up Progression X6
-Arm Bar
-KB Sit Up
-Hip Bridge
-Kneeling Press
-KB Clean and Press

Push Press
Push Jerk
* push Press begins at the same weight as last push press


For Time
400m Run
30 toes To bar
800m Run
30 Handstand Push Ups
400m Run