090816 "HGH isn't just for winning in the major leagues"

The first time I heard of HGH or Human Growth Hormone it was when I was a teenager and I saw Jose Canseco and Mark Maguire of the Oakland A's get frickin HUGE over the course of a year! As I saw them crush home runs the MLB administration was getting wise to their supplementation.

What was going on was kind of cheating and also kind of Boosting the body of Human Growth Hormone. These boys were getting shots and taking pills to make themselves bigger and hit more homers and it was working. What I didn't know and would take years to find out was that HGH is not something that should be avoided or thought of as bad... rather it is essential to human development and optimal health.

HGH is responsible for a lot of youth development. Kids that are active, outside and healthy produce adequate amounts of HGH to spur growth. If you see kids with abnormally weak bones, skin, bad teeth, struggle to grow hair, fat stores in stomach in face.... they are lacking in HGH production. Too much TV, bad diet, and lack of sun exposure can contribute to this sad state of affairs.

As adults we can boost our HGH production through natural ways to keep us healthy. First is simple... High Intensity Workouts. CrossFit is perfect for that. By producing hormone bursts in our type of workouts, our endocrine system responds by producing HGH as it adapts to our lifestyle. Second is through supplementation. By taking your BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) before you work out you can ignite HGH production within your body. Third is keeping up on your Vitamin C. Vitamin C consumption from vegetables and fruits has been linked to optimal HGH absorption.

HGH has been proven to decrease cardio-vascular disease and help you live longer. HGH helps you preform better and defeat depression and high cholesterol. You and I may never hit Home Runs like Canseco and Maguire but the benefits of keeping HGH high in our bodies cannot be understated.



Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch

18 Plyo Lateral Jumps
12 Glute Bridge W/ Reach
6 Jumping Pull Ups

Skill Development:
Gymnasty 10

-10m Handstand Walk or 2 Wall Climbs
-2 Skin the Cats or 2 kicks to Inverted Hangs
-10 Candlestick to Pistol Jump or 2 foot narrow jump


Thruster 95/65
Pull Up
*Compare to 4/7/16