100816 "The Olympic Paradox"

There is some very clear emotional commercials being broadcast during the olympics. Right after USA kicks ass in an event, NBC breaks to a Coca-Cola Clerical or a McDonalds commercial where food and drink are propped up against a backdrop of hard work and perseverance.

I mean... one classic shot on the Coca-Coal commercial is a girl drinking Coke while out in the water surfing... Really?? Drinking Coke while surfing.. These folks are so full of shit.. But it gets me sometimes.. I'll admit it.

What kills me is that the American Olympic Committee allows such a blatant commercialization of athletic performance to prop up shitty food products??!! The truth is that everything is for sale. The Olympics is truly a chance for the worlds best to prove themselves, but it is a sporting event that is driven by marketing dollars. The funding that companies from hollywood to food give to the Olympic sports really keep US at the top of the worldwide food chain.

So enjoy the success that the US athletes are putting forth. WE have some of the greatest athletes and coaching programs on the planet. What you should be wary of is the shit that is being sold to you while you watch. This is truly the paradox of the olympics. We are slaves to those who fund us. All whores to the check book.

I know as a financially sponsored athlete that when dollars are flaunted in front of me to allow me to train and do what I love... I bend in ways that would normally not be like me. It is sad but true.

The best thing to do is just enjoy and don't buy. Hoot and holler for our athletes because they have worked their asses off. Just mute the commercials....


400m Run
2X Agility Ladder
4 Turkish Get Up Complex

Skill Development:

With a Partner Complete 14 Mins,
Odd- Both Partners Complete 5 Floor Press @ 225/135#
Even- Both Partners Complete 7 Knees To Elbow

4 Rounds For Time,

15 DB STOH @45/25
25 DB Lunges
200m Farmer Carry