020816 "Liven Up your water"

Alright... I admit it.. Sometimes I peruse Pintrest to see what is going on in the creative world. I look at what people build, design and consume.. Mostly consume.. I like food.. A lot! 

So I was checking out  a few ideas pertaining to my challenge for all of you to stay more hydrated. What I found is nothing new but a pretty cool way to add a little boost to yogurt otherwise plain and sometimes smelly water bottle. 

Ready for it?? Gonna Blow your mind.... Ice Cubes...

Yep. Ice Cubes. Special ones though... Let's check out some ideas..

1) Blueberry and Raspberry Ice cubes. These Superfruits add lots of benefits to our diet. From hormone balancing, to triglyceride levels, to brain function... adding just a few berries to your ice cube tray before you pour in the water can give you extra flavor and vitamins to your diet.

2) Mint is good in whatever you put it in. Consuming the leaves gives you fiber as well as the oils in the leaves helps heal the gut if you have inflammation in your intestinal lining. 

3) Watermelon Juice. Watermelon Juice is the perfect recovery supplement. The juice is high in Vitamin A and has been shown to have a significant impact on y our lingering muscle soreness! Win win... Make your water taste better and ease the pain of training.. Hell ya!

4) Tea.. The benefits of tea have been documented for some time. With different blends and tea types you can help delay aging, repair your cells, fight cancer, boost your immune system... Anything and everything can be cured with tea. Simple and easy... You can boil your favorite blend and let it cool before putting it in your tray for freezing. If you like, sweeten the tea with a little STEVIA while you let it cool. 

5) Coconut Water... Electrolytes, Antifungal, Anti inflammatory, Alheimers prevention... Yep sign me up... You can get yo self some fresh coconut and pour that sweet nectar right in your tray for a tasty cube of deliciousness. 

The take away is keep up your water intake.. On a regular day it should be 4-5 liters depending on how much you weigh and your tendency to have a smaller bladder. If you are training or running the marathon you must drink more. Adding these ingredients to your water can help keep your mineral levels up so that you don't cramp or get fatigued!

Banded Movement Prep
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Hip Activation"
Banded Squats
Banded Trunk Twists
Banded Pass Thru
Banded Press
Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Buddy Pulls

10 Rounds For Total Time
12X Deadlift
9X Hang Power Clean
6 X Jerks

*begin @ 45/35 and add 10# each Round
*For competitors, practice changing plates quickly with clips.