120916 "Getting to know yourself deeper"

Inside your genetic code lies all the answers you could ever need about how you should train as well as fight disease that might come up in your life.. 

Genetic science has now reached a point where formerly RARE embryonic stems cells can now be  Made by changing the structure of your adult cells! This type of cell that I am talking about is called an 'induced pluripotent stem cell' . 

Stem cells if you are not familiar are considered the holy grail of genetic answers. For athletes that have the unique doctor who performs the treatments or simply just have the money to afford it, they can take stem cells and and repair ligaments, heart tissue, and a host of other injuries that come up while training or playing sport. 

Today the company Orig3n is changing the game. By taking YOUR adult cells, they can modify them to act like stem cells and create solutions to disease and injury that happen to you. This is personalized medicine where guess work and crossing the fingers to see if something will work is totally taken out of the equation. 

I took this simple swab test and will be getting back some cool new insights into what my genome is really all about. As an athlete there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to training. When something clicks, you stick with it. This pertains to recovery, metabolism, and endurance. By mapping and finding variances in YOUR genome you can tailor your training specifically to how your DNA is set up... Truly cool medicine that allows you to be the best you possible. 

If you are interested in getting to know yourself a lot better for training purposes or for disease prevention, this technology is now totally affordable and easy to obtain. Check out the Orig3n website to find out more. Click HERE


Banded Hip Distraction and Hip Flexor Stretch

Banded God Mornings
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Squats
Banded Trunk Twist
Banded Pass Thru
Banded Press


20 Wall Ball 20/14
20 SDHP 75/55
20 Box Jump 20"
20 Push Press 75/55
20 Cal Row
20 Push Up
5 Body Weight Back Squats