140916 "If you could eat just one thing..."

No.. Sorry it's not corn dogs.. I am sure some of you clicked on the post hoping that that is what I was going  to recommend!

Yesterday got me thinking. Brain health, gut health, heart health; it is all interrelated. Each person has certain dietary needs and loves but there are some definitive certainties about what we as human beings should be eating to make sure our health stays tip top.

I went down the list of lean meats, nuts, seeds, and fruits. I weighed pros and cons to all the important foods on my shopping list and there seemd to be only one true winner. FISH! Yes. And not just any fish but fatty fish like salmon.. Actually.. I'll just say it... Just Salmon.. That is all you need. 

Not Kale, not coconut oil, not bone broth! Salmon !

The benefits to this protein outweigh all that stand up against it. Let's take a look.

1) High quality protein. Protein fuels us, helps heal us, allows our bodily systems to function properly and salmon is literally a nice tight package of protein that lives in the water. 
2) Salmon has vital FATS! This is kinda where I began to lean towards our cold water freind. The EPA and DHA (acids that make up the true good stuff in the fatty acids) levels of salmon are higher than in most other fish. The colder water that the salmon lives in allows it to be fattened up and therefore the content of the meat is chalked full of the goodness. The brain, the gut and the heart rely on this important fat for fuel and cellular health. 
* By the way... Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans and this is partly because our omega 6 to omega 3 fat levels are so out of whack!
3) VITAMINS!! If you buy wild caught salmon then you guarantee that there will be an ample amount of vitamins in each serving. The list of vitamins and minerals include, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Niacin, Selenium, phosphorus and potassium! That is a ton of the goods in one food item.

As I just stated the key is to buy wild caught and from a fishery that has sustainable practices. Alaska, the northwest, the North Atlantic are all good fisheries to choose from with little pollution and health fish levels.  There is an overfishing problem so I do want everyone to be aware that fisheries worldwide are stressed but the importance of the food it provides should not be discounted!

You may have your own list and I am super interested in learning about what you think could be the end all/be all of foods. My choice is Salmon. Hate it or love it, If you were to eat this a couple times per week your health would be better in the long run. Period.. End of story. What do you think?

500m Row
5 Inch Worm
5 Burpee Broad Jump
5 4ct. Alternating Knee To Elbow

Lunge Flow

Clean Progrerssion:
7X Clean Lift Off
7X Clean High Pull
7X Pull And catch
7X Front Squat Tempo 2,3,1
7X Clean Pull Under
7X Hang Clean to Front Squat
7X Hang Squat Clean

"The Chief"
3 Power Clean 135/95
6 Push Up
9 Squats
-Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

*This workout is dedicated to the yearly induction and promotion of Sailors to the rank of Chief Petty Officers. These warriors serve our country ensuring our safety so that we can do what we love each day. We shall honor them and their ambitions.