200916 "Pickles for Pain"

As my birthday looms closer and I stop to think about my age an speak to others at or older than me there seems to be a common thread about getting older.. Pain. In particular, Joint Pain. 

There was a great analogy today from a visitor who said that, "Everything that you did to your body from 0-30, gets compressed and doubled from 40-50!" Now this makes me take pause and think about how true it is given that randomly a weird creak or pain will come up that I haven't felt in a long time and I thought was long gone. 

From arthritis to general inflammation and pain there are a ton of white pills you can take which will mask the pain but there is a much cleaner, more simple and better for you solution that is time tested and proven over and over... Pickle Juice.

In preparation for my rant today I researched some arthritis drugs; and while a ton of chemistry has gone into the development of each, they really boil down to treating the symptoms of inflammation and pain. Pickle juice uses three simple methods that can do both with little side effects. 

1) Hydration. Pickle juice is fluid and during bouts of training or just daily hydration, fluid replacement keeps the joints functioning smoothly. In regards to the pain pills or inflammation pills pawned off now-a-days, they recommend drinking plenty of water to help assimilation of chemicals in the body. Many times this fluid is to balance out the strong chemicals killing your gut! Pickle Juice is simply a salt water brine which your stomach and gut like and it is taken up quickly into the blood.

2) Salt. As an athlete there is always the issue of cramping. Whether you didn't drink enough or your mineral levels are off, cramps suck and always scare me. As arthritis is simply SUPER inflammation over the course of time, salts and the minerals in the Pickle Juice help break down and fight the inflammatory response that occurs in joints.  Many nutrition experts believe that while overuse of a joint can cause arthritis, the imbalance of body salts can contribute to whether you get joint pain later in life. Pickle Juice handles that!

3) I love homemade pickle juice because the VINEGAR is usually on point! Vinegar in pickle Juice gives it a nice flavor and adds a pH to the brine which does wonders to the gut, the brain, joints and muscles.  Vinegar is high in potassium which has been touted for years as a key mineral to avoiding cramps. The Science community is now on board with linking low potassium levels with Arthritis! . Pickle Juice is high in Vinegar, which is very high in Potassium! Potassium at the joint level will help the cells fight inflammation and alleviate joint as well as muscle pain!

This is not miracle drug, in fact, most people discard Pickle juice once they have eaten the last pickle!. Homemade is always the best but even high quality store bought pickles are cheap and the juice is right there to help you keep in the fight! 

Keep it in mind as you get older my friends. Aches and pains could all go away with 2-4 oz off pickle juice per day!!


Banded Bully Stretch /Banded Pitchers Stretch/ Lat Band Stretch

20m Bear Crawl
20m Crab Walk
20m Carioca
20m Samson Lunge
20m High Skip
20m Spider-Man Crawl
20m Duck Walk
20m Handstand Walk / PLank Walk
20m Groiners

Skill Development:
Gymnasty 15

:20 Ring Support Top
:20 Ring Support Bottom
5 Diamond Push Up
5 Wide/ Narrow Push Up (ea. Arm)
10 One arm Push Ups


2k Row For Time

*The 2k row is an all out sprint the entire way. Your bodies ability to hit and maintain an 80-85% output for 6-8 minutes is truly an energy system to tap into for our sport.  Get Fired Up.