210916 "The Antibiotic Deadend"

For thousands of years human beings have used plants and herbs to cure diseases and infections. It has only been since the 1930's that we have relied on chemists to derive anti-biotic compounds to eradicate the bad bacteria that make us sick.

As you know I am a nerd for bacteria and the human organism. We live with bacteria in, on and around us. Most bacteria aid in our overall health and our immune systems' ability to resist the bad ones. 

For decades the chemists and bacteria have been battling for the right to survive and flourish . Bacteria has mother nature on its side, utilizing the ability to modify and change... adapt to that which tries to kill it. Chemists cannot keep up. Nearly every day a new anti-biotic resistant bacteria is identified as more and more people get sick . 

Dumping anti-biotic into our bodies is killing our immune systems and our GUT which houses much of the immune residence in the body. As we humans reach a dead-end on the antibiotic road, there is a new push to go back to nature to cure our ills. 

A recent article in the New York Times identifies the resurgence of natural remedies to bad bacteria. Read the article HERE

The take away from the article is that your backyard garden could be the key to preventing a 'bad' bacteria breakout in your body! keeping your GUT bacteria flourishing and your gut structure healthy with proper nutrition, YOU can ward off the bacteria that gets you sick. Here on Hawaii where we have many non-GMO herbs and plants that we have at our fingertips, the only excuse for not using them is un-education. 

Beating the diseases or the future could be as easy as looking into the past. Educate yourself on what you have around you and use it to your advantage! 


Tabata Your Warm Up:
:20 Work :10 Static Hold
- Standing Toe Touch (Alternating) 
-Standing Hamstring Stretch
-Side Lunges
-Hold The Splits
- Elbow to Instep
- Squat Hold
- Mtn Climbers
- (L) side Plank Hold
- Superman Rocks
-(R) side Plank Hold
-Single Leg Med Ball Up and over (L)
- Med Ball Overhead Squat Hold
-Single Leg Med Ball Up and Over (R)
- Med Ball Overhead Squat Hold
-Med Ball Front Squats


6 Rounds For Time

2 Legless Rope Climbs
4 Deadlift 365/240
8 Burpee Over Bar