220916 "Is your Multi-Vitamin Really Necessary"

Multi-Vitamins are the most common dietary supplement taken by the broadest range of people. The thinking makes sense. One pill.... a days worth of good... simple... Im in...

But what is inside the pills? 
Multi-Vitamins, for the most part, do back up their claims of packing upwards of 200% of your RDI (recommended Daily intake). If you look at the label of the bottle that you probably have in your cabinet you will see that all the major points are hit . But what about some important ones like magnesium, calcium and zinc. These Important minerals are literally too big to put inside your pill so they are omitted. 
Did you know that some Multi's have been linked to cancer risk?
I have hears about this phenomenon for some time when It comes to supplements. When you look a the RDI and the mg dosage goes above 300-400% then you run the risk of damaging cells and organs inside the body. Pre workouts are the worst at this. Hence the reason why there are warning labels on many of them! Vitamin E, when taken at extreme doses, can do much more harm than good for anti-oxidation properties.
Do you actually need to take the Multi? 
If you are eating a clean diet that is full of variety, color and protein then maybe you are just doing more hem then good. Dietary supplements are good for adding value to your existing nutrition. That is why I encourage the use of magnesium, Vitamin D, prebiotics and probiotics because they are either missing in our lives or our consumer nutrition. Being honest with yourself is key to answering this question and by no means should a pill substitute a healthy diet!

Targeting your nutrient weaknesses through supplementing specific compounds is a much better way to ensure proper levels in your body. Simple blood tests can show you what you are deficient in. if you take the multi you run the risk of pissing a lot of the good out so its basically a wash! 

Keep it conscious, live well and thrive!

Banded Hip Distraction
Banded Hip Activation

Odd; 30 Single Unders, 10 Air Squats
Even: 3 Wall Climbs, 5 Candle Sticks to Jump

Agility Warm Up

Partner WOD
3X 8 min AMRAP W// :60 Rotation Rest
"I Go, You Go"
Couplet #1
4 Sandbag to Shoulder
20 Air Squats
Couplet #2
50m Banded Buddy Pull
400m Sprint
Couplet #3
5 Box Jump Over
10 KB Swing 53/35