230916 "Emotions and Mental Toughness"

As fall rolls around I always find that it is a good time to re-evaluate my mental focus and strength. There are key steps to control and master your mental state and develop the strongest possible conscious state!

HERE is a link that could help shed light on this subject. 

As a beginning firefighter I locked in on Navy Seal Training and its focus on both the mental and physical toughness that it takes to make it. One aspect to the training did not have to do with how many pull ups I could do or how many much pain I could take; the test had to do with my emotional stability. Could I control my negativity, not let myself beat me!

The skills transfer more to real life than you could imagine. Many civilian leaders are former military folks because they learn these tools and then use them to better their work environments and relationships. 

Staying conscious of your emotions, the swings, the strengths, will help you develop a steadfast mind that is strong and resilient!!


Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Press
Banded Front Uprises
Shoulder Rolls X10
Arm Swings X10
Trunk Circles X10
Hip Swivel Kicks X10
Jump Lunges X10
Burpee X 10
Wall Climb X 10

Press Series Refresher


27- 21-15-9
Should To Overhead
Cal Row

*Ascending weights each set. 95/65 (27) 115/75 (21) 135/95 (15) 155/105 (9)