270916 "The Beauty of the Butternut"

Squash Season!!! Yes it is fall time which means that the wide array of winter squash begin to adorn the store shelves and your garden is probably loaded with them. One of my favorite and versatile squash is the Butternut Squash. 

Butternut Squash is the thick skinned, pear shaped variety that is tan in color. They can be big or small but the shape is distinct to the varietal. Roasted, blended, or steamed, they pack a huge amount of nutrition and fit well into our diets. While the nutrition profile is dominated by the VERY high Vitamin C and A levels (being that one serving gives you upwards of 150% of your daily nutritional needs), there is also a good helping of Vitamins E and B6. Minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Niacin, thiamin and manganese. 

Want to buy and wait to cook? The Butternut Squash is perfect for meal planning because of it's amazing pantry life. Because of its thick skin, it does not go bad very fast, it can be cut in half and then refrigerated for use later, and even when par cooked, it can last in your Tupperware for a while! 

So how do you cook it?

First off, you need a sharp knife. These things are really tough to get through so making sure you have a good chefs knife is important. Be careful cutting the squash as you will need to press hard! The other thing you can do is peel the outside skin with a peeler. This is a preferred method if you are going to cube the squash and roast it. 

Cooking the Squash either covered or uncovered at 350-400 degrees will create soft, delicious and sweet food within 30 mins. 

Seasoning the squash should be simple, a little oil, salt and pepper, and perhaps some paprika or pepper flakes for spice.

As are always concerned with optimal internal health.... The Butternut squash is a great source of complex carbohydrates that will not raise your glucose levels like a white potato will. The carbohydrates in this squash provide some insoluble fiber that is also a great PREBIOTIC. The color is a beautiful orange which means that it is full of polyphenols. The polyphenols are anti-inflammatories and aid in combating free radicals in the body!

By all means grab one or two on your next rip to the farmers market. Squash are great because it takes a lot to mess them up. Roast them halved or cut up in cubes, enjoy the sweetness of this great fall addition!


Lat Band Mobility
Bully Stretch

Row 250m
Floor Press W/ Dumbbells
Row 250m

Skill Development:

Floor Press
*Ascending Load
*Ensure ROM is correct and stack wrists over the top of Elbow

500m Row
16 Alternatning DB Snatch (Heavy)

*Stimulus should be challenging but fast. No Walking between movements. If you want an extra challenge, do DB SQUAT Snatch!!