280916 "Clean without killing yourself"

Blasting your countertops, cooking surfaces and bathrooms with the 'antibacterial' and other hardcore cleaners is done without a second thought. The fight against bacteria is real... Right??? Or is it? Could the cleaners that we so generously spray around our food, be killing us ever so slowly? Could they be doing us more harm than good?

Take a minute... Go ahead... Open your cabinets and look on the back of some of your cleaners. What do you see? Chemical concoctions, warning labels on the back and great sales points on the front of the bottle. I bet you see these two things more than others:
1) Chlorine Bleach
2) Ammonia. 
Pretty high quantities of these things are straight up hazardous to your health.. And we are conditioned to spray them all over without a second thought. 

Each year toxic exposures to these chemicals send people to the hospital. Oven Cleaners, Toilet cleaners, and drain cleaners are the worst. 

So let's take a look at why we need these products to begin with... Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.. Did you know that Vinegar, yes Vinegar is just as good at defeating these household problems without the side effects? You can wash your floor and counters, you can disinfect your toilet and you can even add some lavender oil to make your home smell even better than the commercial cleaners can!

Vinegar does have its limitations though. The hard core Staphylococcos bacteria needs to be addressed with a more commercial cleaner but for the most part if you can keep the 'good' bacteria on your skin and in your gut, you have a hedge against getting the bad shit!

Hydrogen Peroxide can step in where vinegar doesn't. By neutralizing bacteria and fungus just as it does on your skin when you get a cut, the essentially Biodegradable and VERY cheap alternative to commercial cleaners is a good way to go. 

Here is a simple recipe for a household Vinegar cleaner that we use in our own home. 
1) Grab a Spray Bottle
2) Mix 2 Cups White Vinegar with 4 Cups Water. 
3) Mix in 10 Drops of lavender oil.
4) Have a cleaning party!!

Staying healthy inside and out is important. Making sure you are not poisoning your body with your household cleaners keeps you, your food and your family safe. And remember... A clean house is a happy house.. Live well my friends...

Dynamic ROM Warm Up
10@ each
Neck Circles
SHoulder Rolls
Arm Circles
Pass Thru
Push up
Trunk Circles
Scorpion kicks
Cobra Push Up
Air Squats
Elbow TO Instep
Side Lunge
Jumping Jacks

Gymnastic Strength:

3 Rounds For Quality
15 Supine Ring Pull Up (ring row w/ feet elevated on box)
15 barbell Roll Out
1:00 Handstand Hold (preferably freestanding or spotted W/ partner)

Partner Style..
800m Med Ball Run Together
150 Wall Ball Shots
100 Push Up W/ Partner Hand Clap (each in plank, after each push Up clap a hand)
50 Pull Ups

*modify reps on push Up if gonna take a ton of time to complete but I want it to be a struggle. Never short the ROM!!!!!