290916 "Stronger with Collagen"

If there is a glue that holds your body together it is Collagen. This structural protein is abundant in the body, comprising a big part of your bones, tendons, muscles, cartilage. Though we produce it through our own protein synthesis there are some essential ways that we can supplement our body so that levels stay high and recovery happens after training. 

Here are the top 5 ways that Collagen is essential to your health.

1) Helps Leaky gut. Your Gut lining is under attack from a number of different inflammatory and destructive food and bacterial sources. Collagen helps repair and form the lining so that it stays strong.

2) Repairs Joints. Collagen supplementation can help repair joint damage as it is the primary component of our connective tissues. Animal sources are the most common way of supplementing. 

3) Boosts Metabolism. Not only does your joints benefit from collagen, but so do your cells. Collagen helps with protein synthesis and nutrient absorption.

4) Helps the kidneys and liver. Farther down the blood line, Collagen Aids in the repair and function of your body's natural detox system. 

5) Collagen builds skin and hair. Your skin wrinkles because of the decrease in collagen production later in life. Remember the glue apology??? This is why supplementing Collagen can help repair skin from damage and look younger, as well as making your hair stronger.

Vital Proteins is a brand of Collagen Protein that can be mixed with your smoothies and protein shakes to supplement your collagen intake. If you are concerned about any of the items I just listed, I would highly encourage you to look into supplementation. This differes from Glucosamine  supplementation so don't think that just taking a pill for joint health will give you the same benefits. 

Collagen is our glue to make us stronger and live longer. Making is stronger from the inside....out!


400m Run
12 PVC Pass Thru
12 PVC Trunk Twist
12 Leg Swings
12 Sotts Press (press from Squat Position)
12 Behind Neck Squat Press
12 Samson Lunge W/ Pass Thru

Test #8...

2k Row For Time

* This is a test that I want everyone to challenge themselves with. Strength, stamina and power are tested. Please record times and compare to previous. THIS IS AN ALL OUT EFFORT. If you have gas left in the tank, you did not go hard enough.

Overhead Squat

:30 L side PLank
:30 R side plank
:60 Alternating plank with reach (left arm, right leg...right arm, left leg)