050916 "Gatorade and the 'Organic' Loophole"

If you have been following my writings for a while you have probably read about a couple things that are always on my radar. #1, CrossFit and the army of Lawyers it employs is waging a war on the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Industry and #2 The tricky and misleading ways that the Food Industry uses to sell products and keep us from asking questions. 

Well.. I found another product and an associated article in the New York Times that I think you should read... HERE is the article ...

To elaborate and bring you up to speed on what has been happening is.. due to public outcry and legal allegations, the sports drink company Gatorade and its parent company Pepsi Co. has had to disclose some interesting information over the past year or so. Gatorade has admitted to producing biased science and feeding it to the public and universities. Gatorade has had to answer to allegations about false marketing and how it has used its marketing to sway favor to sell to kids and schools. 

As for the 'Organic' loop hole, this is a tactic that is used by practically every food product manufacturer now a days. To print the term Organic on packaging a company must display very loose guidelines are met and BAM!! they can plant that word front and center on their packaging. You as the consumer sees the Organic symbol as a testament that what you are about to purchase and consume is healthy. Rather, if you turn over the package what you will find is that many times the manufacturer has simply taken out High Fructose Corn Syrup and replaced it with a unhealthy dose of sugar or some kind of Soy product in Lieu of a wheat product. 

The truth is that packaging is marketing. Gatorade is a sports drink, not an apple. There is simply nothing beneficial from paying more for a drink that comes in so many colors and flavors. I will say that sports drinks have their place in replacing vital electrolytes when you are preforming long duration exercise. Otherwise WATER is the best drink you can put in your body. 

So please read the article above and educate yourself on what is going on and check out all the "ORGANIC" products in your pantry to see if they truly stack up... Live healthy my friends.

:90 Breathing Exercise
:20 Breath Hold Exhale
:20 Breath Hold Inhale

500m Row
Single Leg KB Hinge
Superman To Hollow Rock
Bent Over Row


15 min EMOM
Min 1- :30 Deadlift @ 80% of 3 RM
Min 2- :45 Ab Mat Sit Up
Min 3- :30 Lateral Squat Jumps Over Bar