070916 "Mental Strength is Primal"

I don't think all of you will be into this Neuroscience as much as myself but at least hear me out. Apart from being in tune with your physical attributes and limitations I also pay a keen mind to your mental stresses and strengths in different situations. 

My affinity for brain science goes beyond my own philosophical understanding of theory but in practical application, I want to make you better and help you overcome concepts like Fear, Anxiety and LIMITS. 

Brain 101- You have a brain. The brain is compartmentalized into different areas. One area in the front/Top of the brain is called the Pre-Frontal Cortex. It controls a lot of what you Feel, Express and Do. 

Your fear and anxiety, (yes admit to it everyone has some form of it), is controlled in this area of the brain. It is a primal adaptation through evolution which developed through our environmental streses. Today, we are consumed with a high-pace, High-stress life and so the neurons which govern our stress response are constantly firing. The neurons in control of our calm, relaxed state are not as active if they have no reason to be. 

To take back control of our calm and relaxed neurological process we must block out and ignore the environmental stressors which cause us to be constantly stressed or fearful. Think of a ARMY Ranger or NAVY SEAL, these warriors are taught to remain calm in the face of absolute fear and death! And it is not through some torture method that they reach this mastery. 

Purpose driven Conscious Effort!! That is what it takes. Be present in each moment, understand your breathing and controlling it, blocking stressors through evaluation and disregarding fear based thinking. These simple and Personal exercises are how we will regain our calm and powerful minds.


Barbell Calf Roll out/ Quad Smash

30 Partner Plank Hand Claps
30 partner Med ball Hand off over/Under
30 partner Leap Frogs
30 Partner Med Ball Toss

Skill Development:

4 Rounds Not For Time
7 Strict Ring Dips
9 Deficit HSPU 4/2"
11 Chin Ups

Against a 7 Min Clock,
100 Wall ball Shots, Max Rep Slam Ball
Rest 2:00
Against a 5 Min Clock,
150 Double Unders, Max Rep Kipping Ring Dips
Rest 2:00
Against a 3 minute clock, 
50 Push Ups, Max Rep Bar Muscle Ups