180117 "How LEUCINE builds muscle faster"

Training 'on the go' has its benefits and its down falls. You come into the gym, crush a session and then you are out the door and on to your daily life. First off, that's badass. The fact that you are dedicated to your health and fitness adds years and quality to your life. But lets take a look at what happens after training and question your nutritional needs and the actualities of your food intake. 

All manner of training from aerobic to anaerobic produce physiological and hormonal changes in your body to help fuel you through exercise, and keep the muscles hydrated. As the sugars in your muscle cells are depleated, your body begins to search for all manner of fuel sources. We strive to pre-load our nutrition so that there is ample amounts for the body to fuel on or else it begins a gnarly process of breaking down muscle protein!

Chances are... it happens.. It happens to me, it happens to most. We either dont fuel enough or not just right and our performance suffers. What happens inside the body is essentially a wave of hormone flooding to all parts of the muscle, searching for protein to break down for fuel. The process is called protein catabolism (breakdown). But fear not, there is a way to stop this from happening as long as you focus on post-workout nutrition. 

Now bring in Leucine, one of the 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids. You have read and seen a lot about BCAA's both in my blogs as well as many supplements including protein supplements. BCAA's are the building blocks of proteins and your body needs them to rebuild and recover. Leucine is special though. 

Remember that wave of hormones that washes though your body during exercise, searching for protein and other fuel sources to keep you going? Leucine is the BCAA that puts a stop to protein breakdown and helps the rebuilding process. It's like a gracious mediator who comes to calm a volatile situation and helps make the situation better.

Leucine is present in all protein that you injest on a whole food diet. The key is breakdown time. Leucine, even in a normal WHEY protein, takes a while to breakdown and release into the blood stream; so even if you are refueling with good Whole Foods after exercise, your muscles could be still suffering breakdown while nutrients get released. 

Leucine after your workout is something you should look into.  This fact and recommendation is especially true for competitive atheltes who need to get back to work with only short breaks between exercises. In addition to your normal post-workout routine, add this vital nutrient and get right back at it! 

Here is my post- workout advice;
-1-2 Scoops of post workout Protein
-50-70 g carbohydarates
-2-2.5 grams of leucine

Give it a shot and see how your recovery time and performance are effected. As I have always said, it is not necessarily how you perform in a workout that determines your overall fitness, its how fast you can recover! Good luck and keep Striving to be the best version of yourself.

Baseline:In gym or outside ,

-high knees

-booty whackers

-marching high kicks

-side shuffle

-high skip


-plyo step W/ arm Swing

-figure4 drill

-sprint starts

-banded buddy pulls

Squat Flow; kang, internal rotation, hip bridge, PNF, Elbow to Instep, T spine rotation

Strength Day! Work this for approx. 18 Minutes. Make it look good. 

Back Squat

5X6 @ 75% 

:90 rest in between each set


3X 800m Repeats

Rest = 1:1

Thursday 1/19


Mash Out Calves and Hips with lacrosse ball for 5 minutes

Double under Progression 7 Minutes

- singles

- High singles

- Cadence drills

- Double Unders


Practice handstand Kick Ups and Wall Walks for 5 minutes.


Warm Up Burner Should only take 5 Minutes


Double Unders

Shoulder Taps

High Knees


Have the atheltes bring heart rate down and have them notice how long it takes !!



16 Minute AMRAP

55 Double unders

10' Handstand Walk (sub 2 Wall Climbs or 5 Kick up to Handstand hold)

20 Slam Balls

10 Strict Pull Ups