040117 "How to beat the Flu... Naturally"

New Years 2017 began with both my kids losing their voices, getting sore throats and essentially becoming completely useless and zombies. Great right? But it is that time of year, Flu Season. The aches, chills, fatigue, and just overall feeling crappy are just some of the fun ways that this virus can manifest itself. Well, if you are like me and run away from the flu shot, there is another more natural way to beat the flu this year. 

Vitamin D. Vitamin D has long been known to help out with the musculoskeletal-skeletal system and the immune system. For some time, science publications have backed up the essential Vitamins' ability to repair and boost the body's ability to ward off disease.  But anti- Viral?

The flu is a Virus. A virus works by implanting itself into your cells and then replicating over and over again, infecting certain areas of the body or many times the entire system. The flu virus many times is inhaled through the air which is why the common flu has an element of respiratory tract dysfunction. Vitamin D foods and supplementation are the natural way to boost the anti-microbial and anti-viral enzymes in your body. 

Vitamin D is unique in that your liver actually boosts its potency when certain peptides interact. Therefore, even if you are not absorbing as much sunlight during the winter months, you can still eat your way to immunity! Some great Vitramin D Foods are;

-Mushrooms (many different varietals)
- Salmon (lots of fatty acids as well!)
-Organic and Grass Fed Eggs
- Beef Liver (thus the correlation between absorbtion and synthesis)

Supplementation of Vitamin D3, D2 are also a possibility. I highly recommend the Pure Pharma brand D3 but other high quality supplements are good as well. In fact, many of our common foods are fortified with Vitamin D to make up for the fact that we simply don't get enough! 

Go wild with supplementation. The body can handle much higher levels of Vitamin D than what is listed as the RDA on your bottles of supps. During the winter months, (flu season), I actually encourage it. Off hand I think that you can take up to 10,000 IDUs per day and not be over doing it. A normal supplement dose is around 2-4,000 IDUs. 

Staying healthy this winter and during the peak sickened season is essential. We have training to do, dammit! So check out your food stocks and buy some Vitamin D laden foods and if you are not on a supplement year for Vitamin D, get on it! Train hard my friends but take care of your health. It's all we have in the end!

Banded Hip Distraction Mobility

Kettle Bell Warm Up

20X Reps At each with Light KB

-Twist around the head

-Trunk Twist

-Wood Chop L

-Wood Chop R

-one arm strict press L

-one arm Strict press R

-Sumo Deadlift

-high pull

-goblet squat

-single arm swing L

-single arm swing R

-Windmill L

-Windmill R

2X :20

-Up Dog Pose Hold

-Alternating Knee To Elbow

-V Ups


3 X 5 Min AMRAPS. W/ :90 rest Between

6-9-12-15-18 - Rep Scheme

Single Arm Kb swing L

Toes To bar

Double Unders

Single Arm KB Swing R

*ascending rep scheme for each amrap, goal is consistency and speed. 


Cash Out W/ 

100 Hip Touches

100 2ct. Flutter Kicks

2:00 PLank Hold