240117 "The 2 Veggies you need to eat this week PT. 4"

Well we have made it to the end of January already. I can't believe how fast this month has flown. Already the comments and questions are pouring into my facbook messenger about how to stay focused as we go deeper into 2017. As I have been saying, 'Little Changes in your lifestyle, add up to great things in the long run'. 

As we have been doing this month, the weekly challenge has been to try out 2 new veggies each week that may not always be on our radar in the grocery store. Today I have two great ones for you, shittake Mushrooms and Seaweed.

Shiitake Mushrooms and mushrooms in general are either loved or hated by most people. There is really no middle ground except when they are added to a hearty tomato sauce and completely drowned out. Shiitake mushrooms are have a huge variety in how you cook them and even more in their nutrient profile. 

Mushrooms, If you have been avoiding them, give us an amazing amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and protein! Mushrooms are easily found in the grocery store with most being NON-GMO and Organic. Shiitake Mushrooms are precisely the thing that you need to be eating this winter to help keep your Vitamin D levels up and boost your immune system from all the Booger Eaters out there!

Cooking with Shiitake can be very diverse;
-cook them with Coconut Milk, broth and ginger for a great soup.
-add them to an easy stir fry with your choice of veggies and meat. Use Coconut Aminos instead of Soy Sauce!
- eat them raw!

Adding Seaweed to your diet is a must if you are a hard training athlete. Seaweed or 'NORI" balances the adrenal system. Adrenal Fatigue is something that not just stressed out office workers get. It can happen to athletes as well. High Intensity Training is very taxing on the body so replenishing your kidneys with nutrients is key. Seaweed also gives you enough Omega-3 fatty acids as some stapes like avocados and nuts. Balancing Hormones in the thyroid is another gray benefit of seaweed. 

Finding seaweed is easier than you might think. I know that my kids love the seaweed packs from Costco and if you are looking at your local grocery store, chances are that you will find it in the Asian food isles. 

Cooking with Seaweed goes like this;
-eat it raw in sheets or strips
-order sushi rolls (its the wrapping)
- chop up the sheets in fine bits, add sesame seeds and a little oil. Coat the outside of your fish with it and cook on the grill or in a pan.

This month you have all stepped outside your comfort zones and real made a few little changes to your lifestyle. The other cool aspect is that you have stayed conscious of the positive change that is occurring in your life. Lets stay focused on February where I will roll out a new set of challenges. February is when we gear up for the CrossFit Games Opens (my favorite time of year) so the challenges will be nutritionally 'performance' based. Stay tuned!

Lat band Mobility/ Bull Stretch
Banded scapula distraction( lat band set up,lean forward over band)
-split class into 3 groups.
-have them cycle through the following exercises for 4 rounds
-:90 at each station
-legless rope climb, hip bridge rope climb, rope lower, strict chin up (practice weakness)
- Planked Ring Support (feet elevated on box, push up position on rings)
-Double unders
4 rounds for time,
2 legless Rope Climb (scale to previously mentioned exercises)
15 Double KB Thruster
15 Toe To Bar, (scale to Plank+Tuck Jump)
W/ a partner, alternate between
16X :20 work :10 Rest
-banded good mornings + hip activation
Lunge Flow: Elbow To Instep, ankle roll out, hamstring pulses, t-spine reach, pigeon
-take atheltes outside and work Change of Direction drills.
-planted leg pivot
-swing knee HIGH up and around
-turn hips and head.
-arm swing
2 minutes of work / 2 minutes of rest
50m Shuttle Sprint
12 DB ground to Overhead 40/30
Max Calorie Row
*score is total amount of calories across all rounds. Look for consistency.
** this is a 28 minute workout. Warm up should be focused and fast. Stay on time!!