300117 "4 Real Life Snacks to keep you on track"

So we have established that a diet in whole foods is really the ONLY way to go. We know that backing that diet up with some consistent and intense exercise will keep your body running at its best. But what about those in between times. Those times when you are at work, running errands, taking your kids here or there... you know those times when no-one is looking and you are more prone to say "Fuck it, Im hungry" and crush some food that is not so great for you. 

For me, these in between times are more common than not. I normally run on 2 meals a day generally (which I am not suggesting you do), breakfast and dinner. The rest of the day I am pretty much foraging and grabbing what I have prepped for the day. I have come up with 4 real world solutions for those in between meals and snacks that you can keep on hand to keep you on target!

1) Jerky. Today in America we have this beautiful thing called Costco. Living on Kauai it is pretty much the most economical way to feed my family and I love it. One cool aspect of their food selection is the Jerky isle. Seriously, like 8 kinds of Jerky all in econo-sized bags. You can get grass fed beef, gluten free pork, even dried fish Jerky! Jerky of all types is a great way to access protein throughout your day. As athletes, protein is so important for muscle recovery and re-building after training sessions. You can keep bags of your favorite Jerky in the car, at your desk, in your man-purse (if you wear on elf those)... I mean the stuff is super transportable and keeps a while. 

2) Carrots, Celery, Apples. Here is what I have to say about these 3 fruits and vegetables. First off, they are a good source of nutrients and have a natural sweetness that satisfies my brains desire for that. Secondly, they are rigid and crunchy. Once again this is important as the Cruch gives our brain a good deal of satisfaction but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can dip them in Almond Butter! Oh Yeah this is a double Whammy. A Jar of almond butter is as transportable as Jerky is and can live for a while. Take your veggies, dip 'em and enjoy not only a carbohydrate but also a fat for brain power. 

3) Fruit and Nut Mix. Also an easy find at Costco are big bags of fruit and nuts. Now there is a slight  caveat to this as eating too much fruit and/or nuts is not something I recommend at all. Moderation is the key. Limiting yourself on a big bag of nuts is tough sometimes as they are easy to eat and grab at. I suggest taking a big bag and splitting it into two small tupperware that will allow you to have sizable snacks throughout the day. Measuring the portions out will also teach you portion size. If you don't like the varieties offered at your grocery store, simply make your own from the bulk bins. Cashews, Pecans, walnuts, almonds, tart cherries, cranberries, blueberries, apricots, coconuts all blend well together. Get creative. 

4) Green Tea, Protein Smoothies, Coconut Water. Because all of your nutrition does not come in solid form, you need to be incorporating hydration in your snack plan as well. Moreover, one of the biggest struggles that many are having is trying to stay stoked on how much water you have to consume each day. Hydration, as I have stated before, is key for performing at your best. Protein smoothies obviously give you a bit of extra nutrition but don't forget about the MATCHA GREEN TEA and COCONUT WATER. These drinks taste super good as well as give you important electrolytes and vitamins. Perfect for snacking. Plus hydrating with fun drinks like these will keep you from shoving the bad crap in your face when you want to binge!

Simple and easy is what I recommend for real life solutions to optimal health. Though they may be already in your plan, in which case AWESOME, you may want to tweek your ratios or the types of ways you are consuming your snacks. High fiber, High Protein, Low Sugar. Simple rules to follow. Good Luck this week and look out for more performance info as we get closer to the opens!

500m Row
Walking Lunges
Alternating Single Leg V Ups
Straddle Sit Ups (alternate Left foot ot Right Foot
500m Row

W/ Empty Barbell
:20 Isometric Deadlift hold, Bottom
:20 Bent over Row Hold at chest
:20 Romanian Deadlift
:20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Retesting Deadlift 1 RM.
*Keep Reps Low, build fast

If novice, build in sets of 3, until form fails. Back off 20#, Perform 3-5 sets at that weight. 

This should take 12-16 minutes to accomplish. Ensure adequate rest between sets. 

 A) Legless Rope Climbs- 1-3 reps (scale to rope lowers or chin ups)
 B) Ring Push Ups W/ feet on box 12 Reps W/ :02 pause at top and bottom (scale to Barbell Roll Outs)
 C) GHD Hip Extension 15 reps (scale to partner hamstring lowers) 

*benchmark day! "Karen"
Lat band Mobility/ Bully Stretch
:30 Downward Dog/Upward Dog

4X Alternate between;
:20 15' line touch (simple forward run 10', backpedal 10')
:20 Elbow To Instep Lunges
:20 Squat Hold
(For space you can break up athletes into stations)

Squat Flow; internal rotation, hip bridge, PNF, squat W/ T spine

150 Wall Ball Shots for time 20/14#

Cool Down Run:
1 mile (sub 1500m row) or (2 mile bike)