060117 "Calculating Net Carbs???"

An article from my favorite NeuroScientist, Dr. Perlmutter, sheds lighten an important aspect of the carbohydrates that you are consuming. 

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Simply, the article and the thought process behind determining how many carbohydrates you are consuming comes down to how much fiber is in your carbohydrates. Fiber is classified as a carbohydrate but Fiber does nothing to raise you blood sugar levels and so are essentially 'net zero' when it comes to calculating the overall effects of the food you are eating. 

Celery for instance very much a carbohydrate but is also very fibrous. So if a serving contains 10 g of carbs, 3-5g may be simply fiber so there is an automatic reduction in the total amount of grams consumed. On the other hand, Juice has little to no fiber and therefore all the carbs in juice go straight to increasing your blood sugar. No Bueno. 

For many of you the New Year is a restart. You are back to weighing and measuring your carbs, fas and proteins. That is awesome. I encourage a little refresh on how yo eyeball the right amount of protein, fats and carbs that should be in each meal. As we are consuming anywhere between 35-50% of each meal in carbs lets understand that our portions need to be more fibrous rather than not. 

What this means for carbs is more dense ones and less naturally sugary ones. More kale, less fruit. More apples and less bananas. More sweet potatoes and less russets. Remember its the little changes that make big differences. 

Factoring 'net carbs' can be tricky so leave it to the specialty websites to do it for you. I like simplicity so just think about the fiber content of each thing that you eat. How dense is it? Is is sweet? What color is it? Your all amazing and really noticing these things about your food will make you more conscious and more appreciative o each and everything you get to nourish your body with. Eat conscious my friends!



Row 500m 


12 Banded Good Mornings

12 Iron Cross

12 Scorpion 

Row 500m 


*If need, low back roll out or hamstring Banded distractions.


W/ Barbell and light weight

3X 8 

Romanian Deadlift

Bent Over Row


Using an existing deadlift Number, work quickly to 70% and warm Up with a 4X5, then back off to Workout weight.




Deadlift 225/155

Burpee Box Jump Overs. * sub Burpee over bar for novice


*Frickin Fast!


Cool Down with 800m Run .