100117 "Going beyond Organic"

It seems every day now I get into a conversation on Facebook or in person about food. I love that. As many of you know I have been writing about food and health for many years now and we slowly have been exposing and looking deeper into topics that will help us transcend the norm. Today i pose a more grandeous challenge of looking past the labels on your food in the store and getting closer to the source. 

I have been touting the importance of farmers markets for some time and many of you have stepped outside your grocery store and seen the amazing potential that lives in your local markets. What I challenge you to do, (other than diversifiyting your daily menu), is to make an attempt to get closer to your food source in 2017. 

The Organic symbol on your packaged food has become a beacon of hope for many. Some live by  it. Many search it out because they believe that it is truth and a path towards better health. If this is you, you are not wrong. Keeping the organic products in your basket will help promote the farmers and keep pesticides and herbicides out of your body. 

Going beyond your grocery store will help connect you with your food. Meeting the farmer, meeting the rancher; this brings a further connection to food. Carrots dont always have to be perfectly straight and orange, dirt is ok to have on your veggies, maybe seeing a little hair still on you meat just might Be ok... 

To be connected to your food is to feel more blessed to be nourished by it. Appreciation for your Applebee's dinner only goes so far and when your perception of food is one of a nutritious ingredient wrapped neatly in plastic, you lose connection. 

Go beyond Organic and find a way to either grow a garden or meet a farmer. The ripple effects of building relationships and a greater community is so damn important. Seriously, if you want to feel a part of something bigger... be a part of your food chain! It is simple and available to everyone. 

I will get off my soapbox now and let you return to your life. Thanks for reading and keep striving for optimal health. 



Lat band

Bully Stretch

Banded Squats/ Hip Activation


10m High Knees

10m Butt Kickers

10m Side Shuffle 

10m Carioca

10m Bear Crawl

10m Squat Jump (frog hops)

10 Jumping Pull Up

10 Negative Pull Ups

10 Ring Rows

10 Strict Pull Ups

*Instruct on the Kipping C2B pull Up. 




-modify to Australian pull up or banded C2B


"Good Times"


Bodyweight Front Squat 

Chest To bar Pull Up