130217 "A Presidential Appointee you need to look into"

Last week Republican Tom Price of Georgia was appointed by the president and confirmed by congress to be the new leader of Health and Human Services. Although this position did not come under as much scrutiny as other department heads, the HHS is a multi billion dollar agency and is very much linked to our well beings. I call you all to action today, you should watch this guy. 

Tom Price is from Georgia and is a orthopedic surgeon. A very wealthy one at that. Upon initial research into his money situation, I found that he is one of the top 50 richest government representatives in Washington. This does not surprise me given that he made it to the top of Trump's list of people to head these important government agencies. 

If you do not know much about the Health and Human services Administration you damn well should. This is the agency that controls health care funding (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Health Care Act), science funding, and Nutrition Policy. This agency, once again, is not the state department in terms of its fashyness but with the impending change to Affordable health Care Laws, you know it is going to be in the news soon. And Tom Price will be leading the Trump charge. 

The debate that is going to happen around the repeal of Affordable Health Care is a large one and not what I want to get into today. What I want to focus on is our Countries Nutrition Policy and what I see to be conflicts of interest with Price and science. 

Coca-Cola gives money to Tom Price. According to the website, opensecrets.org, his campaign in 2016 brought in thousands of dollars from Coca-Cola and large drug comapanies. Current headlines show that Tom Price works closely with the Coca-Cola company being that they are both from Atalanta Georgia and are very pro business growth. 

Nutrition policy is tragically slow in changing towards relevant science because Lobbyists, Food Companies and Beverage Comapanies are so integrated in Washington Politics. Just look at the current fight with Coca-Cola about changing food labeling! Not only is it challenging to get Coca-Cola and these Food Product manufacturers to produce healthy products, they wont even let the consumer see what is REALLY in their products. 

For this reason, I am nervous about Tom Price. 

Like other conservative shit, Price is riding the wave of defunding Planned parenthood, claims that vaccines cause autism, anti-abortion, and the thought that BIG-PHARMA will change the world with drugs! But man can the guy raise money and speak out! 

The HHS agency is a multi billion dollar federal agency and we as citizens are effected by what happens at a policy level . I suggest that you perk up when you hear Tom Price's name in the coming months. Don't sell anyone short in this administration. Remember who is getting all these guys appointed! If you see something, say something. As in many other things that relate to science and health, we are too far along now to start walking backwards away from progress. Stay vigilant and use your head when making decisions about nutrition and health for you and your kids, our country depends on it. 

**This is Week 1 of 5 of Barbell Front Rack Step Ups. The goal over the next few weeks will be to build single leg strength to 33% of Backsquat weight. 
W/ A Partner, Perform 4 Rounds of the Following;
8 Inchworm W/ Push Up and Hand Clap ** atheltes line up across from one another, walk out to plank, do push up, and clap hands twice, walk back to hamstring stretch
8 Partner Med Ball Sit Up
12 Kneeling Partner Chest Pass W/ Medicine Ball

12 Standing Toe Touch
12 Pineapple Pickers
12 Cossack Lunges
12 Jumping Pull Up

Skill Development:
Barbell Front Rack Step Ups
3X 8-12 reps
@ 15-22% of Back Squat
- the key to these is the stepping leg DOES ALL THE WORK. No Bouncing, no support from trailing leg. Go Light !

-Superset each Step up set with a max effort Chin Up attempt.

5 Deadlift 275/225
10 Burpee
*2008 CF Games Workout. 

High Knee Pull
Quad Pull
High Knees
Marching High Kick
High Skip
Lateral High Knees
Frog Hop
Triple Jump
Change Of Direction

Lat Band Stretch/ Bully Stretch/ Pitchers Stretch

Floor Press
In 7 sets, build to a heavy set of 5. 
Then, 5X5 at that weight.

8 Rounds for total Time,
20 push Ups
10 Sit Ups
200m Run
-rest 1:00 between
-scale push up reps or use a banded push up to keep rounds shorter than 2;45.

4X Tabata Row. **Breathe only through nose during work periods
4X Tabata Slam Ball. ** Take large mouth inhales and exhales only
4X Tabata Row. ** Deep inhales through the nose and out the mouth.
4X Tabata Handstand Hold. **Deep inhales and exhales through the mouth. 

Partner Global Extension stretch. (Partner 1 hangs on Pull up bar, Partner2  places hand in upper back and pushes. Stretch happens through chest and shoulders)

-Coach up the Thruster, Push Press and Bent Over Row. Allow atheltes time to build in weight for workout.

"Tabata Something Spicy"
8X :20 work :10 rest. They must do all 8 rounds of one exercise before moving to next, do not alternate. 
-Push Press 95/65 or 115/75
Rest :90
-Bent Over Row
Rest :90

Cash Out:
-accumulate 2:00 L-sit hold
-100 2 Ct. Flutter Kicks