230217 "Workouts Notes for 17.1"

Workout Notes For 17.1:


This is a low back smoker for sure. So much hinging during the snatches and the midline fatigue during the burpees is going to get a few people four sure. This is what I recommend for a warm up and lead up to workout.



Take 5 minutes and roll out low back and calves. Lat Band mobility is also a great idea. 



30 High Knee Jump Rope

12 Banded Good Mornings 

12 Banded Upright Rows

12 Banded Press


15 Contralateral Glute kicks/ arm reach

15 Iron Cross

15 Scorpion


Dumbbell Prep;

-progress through set up position with chest up and midline engaged.

-exaggerate the triple extension and punch hard overhead, finishing with shoulder near the ear. 

-cycling is key so bring the DB straight back down to shoulder and hinge the hips far back to drop the DB right between the feet. 

-quick hand transition is key


Box Jump;

-burpee should begin about 20" from the box to allow room for jump or step up . Bring feet wide to allow back not to be flexed upon standing. 

- jump hard but stay low when transitioning over the box.

-find a pace and stick to it. There is much more to be won by keeping a steady pace than trying to rush the reps.

-dont lay on the floor, get up quick


Perform a couple sets of a few reps of each. Don't worry about peaking your heart rate to much, I feel it better to remain in an aerobic state for efficiency. YOu will need all the air you can when you are deep in the burpees. 



For Time, 

10 Snatch

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

20 Snatch 

15 Box Jump Overs

30 Snatch

15 Box Jump Overs

40 Snatch 

15 Box Jumps Overs

50 Snatch

15 Box Jump Overs

--20 Min Cap


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