270217 "Attitude is Everything"

Ask yourself seriously, Are you a glass half full person... or a glass half empty person? As we know, attitude is everything. It is not only how you react with each other on a individual level but it is how you view the world. My challenge for you today is to begin looking at how that attitude effects your performance as well. 

I know that I cant be the only one that gets the jitters before competition. Before the CrossFit Opens workout . Before I begin ANYTHING new. But this challenge, this road block of mental concrete is something that I get excited about . You and I should feel excited about struggle, we should be just fine with failing or receiving criticism. 

By being a glass a half full person you increase your lifespan. Biologists have shown that your cellular DNA is stronger and has more life if you have a positive attitude. At the end of each strand of DNA you have a little protective tip called a Telomere. Your Telomeres are your cells lifeline. The older, more stressed, more abused our bodies are, the shorter our Telomeres. The more you exercise, have a positive attitude, and eat correctly; the longer your Telomeres. 

This is a fact. Straight up Science, No B.S. 

Strong Positive Attiudes that increase cellular health corresponds with optimal athletic performance. With each challenge that is presented in training or competition I challenge you to be inspired by others that may do better, persevere even when it hurts and your mind tells you to quit, learn from your stumbles and celebrate the small victories. 

So embrace your attitude this week, add some years to your life along the way. The workouts that come out, the challenges that life puts in front of you... they are not going to stop. You can either stress on them or accept them. I say you choose the latter. Good Luck and keep pushing to be the best version of yourself!

Programming Notes 2/27-3/2
** This is week 3 of the Barbell Step Ups. Loads should be increasing to at or near the target goal of 33% of our backsquat max numbers. If form does not support that much weight, back off and ensure that working leg is going all the lifting. 

Thursday Has a 'not for time' skill workout for recovery and neurological reset for the opens announcement on 3/2. Make sure that athletes are recovering well, I have written in a light conditioning workout for those that want to have a challenge but encourage Opens athletes to plan their performance with nutrition and rest. 

6 Min Quality Circuit Warm up
25 Double Unders or 25 High Knee Rope Skips
12 Ring Rows W/ :02 hold at top
12 Reverse PLyo Lunge -Lunge back and jump back up
12 Divebomber Push Ups 

Clean Warm Up:
7 Romanian Deadlift
7 Upright Rows
7 Muscle Cleans
7 Back Squats W/ High Elbows

**Spend 3-4 mins working up to workout weight

Chest To Bar Prep:
-Kip Swing, long and hollow
-Skip, hip flexion drill
-offer substitutions, Australian pull up, ring row, banded chest to bar. 
***spend 3-4 mins prepping

Handstand Push Up:
-Piked Handstand Push Up
-Box Handstand Push Up
-Kipping HSPU
***spend 3-4 mins prepping

For Time
50 Cal Row
30 Chest To Bar
20 Power Clean 185/115

Banded Hamstring, Hip Distraction, Hip Flexor Stretch (5:00)

Agility Warm up:
Plyo Step W/ Arm Swing
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Frog Hops
High Skips
Fig 4 Drill
Lateral Bounding
Broad Jumps
Sprint W/ Change Of Direction

10X Medicine Ball Single Leg Up and Overs 'L' leg
10X Medicine Ball Single Leg Up and Overs 'R' leg
10 Wall Ball Shots

Deadlift Prep:
-spend 6 minutes building up to workout weight. 
-weight should be touch and go but still challenging. 

400m Run
25 Wall Ball
15 Deadlift 225/155

***Week 3 of Barbell Front Rack Step Ups
:20 At each movement
Jumping Jacks
Reverse Lunges
Cossack (side) lunges
Bow/ Bend
Pineapple Pickers
Sit Up to straddle splits
Russian Twist
Leg Levers
Superman Hold
Piked Handstand Push Ups

Lunge Flow: Ankle Rotations, Elbow To Instep, Warrior Pose, hamstring Pulses, Pigeon Stretch

Skill Development:
3X8-12 Per Leg
Barbell Front Rack Box Step Ups
@ 30-33% of Backsquat Weight
**Superset each with 15X GHD Hip Extensions

12 Burpee
12 Toes To bar
12 Push Press 115/75

Cool Down: 
Row for 5 mins. Find a pace that allows you to breathe deeply and hold on the pull and slowly release the breath on the return. Do not rush, only take the next pull once all O2 has been expelled.

Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch/ Banded Half Moon Pose/ Pitchers Stretch (4:00)

Kettle Bell Warm up:
W/ Light KB
12@ Each
Head Circles 'L' 
Head Circles 'R'
Trunk Rotations
Up right Rows
Press 'L'
Press 'R'
Romanian Deadlift
Squat Up and overs (outside right foot, up and over to outside left foot)
Single Leg Deadlift
Goblet Squat
Lateral Lunges
Windmill 'L'
Windmill 'R'
Sit Ups
Snatch 'L'
Snatch 'R'
Squat Jumps

4 Rounds Not For Time:
10 Strict Chin ups
20 Strict Ring Dips
50/50m KB Overhead Walk/ KB Farmer Carry
**one Kettle Bell is held at the waist, the other overhead. At the 50m mark, switch arms. 50m walk out>>50m Walk Back.

**Week 2 of the Crossfit Games Opens!!!!