200317 "3 Reasons Why Standards Matter"

In sport, athletics, and training the idea of set rules are many times seen only on the superficial level of solely organizationally based. But as I have seen sport and performance in the course of my life, I see standards as a wholistic approach to optiomizing the human spirit. As I will lay out, Standards play 3 key roles in our daily training and are used as benchmarks for us to reach further than we thought possible. 

1. Fairness.
No matter how different our physical attributes may be, at least we should have the opportunity to begin at the same level. Fairness in sport is traditional baseline which estabishes certain criteria which must be met to not only organize but also give the particular activity efficacy amongst all the participants. No one is going to play cards with someone who always stacks the deck right? The same holds true for us in movement standards, certain rules, and acceptable forms of behavior. Fairness essentially sets a baseline for each of us as athletes. 

2. Possibility.
Progression is another reason why standards matter. Admittedly, many of us are reluctant to begin new sports because generally we SUCK at them for a while before we get the hang of it. Believe me, I many times get stuck in this same zone. Standards in each respective sport allow new and burgeoning atheltes the POSSIBILITY to reach certain levels and thereby mark progression. Some great examples of this would be Yoga training or in Skateboarding. Movements  or standards are clear markers for proficenency and therefore are essential standards! While those sports jumped out to me I am sure that you can relate this to practically any endeavor you are taking on in your own life. Hell, apply it to your profession as well. I am sure you can see the similarities. 

3. Potential.
Moving form the bottom to the top is key in progression. The transition in sport from novice to intermediate, from intermediate to expert and from expert to master allows not just for recognition in the sport but a progression of your spirit as well. When you have met one standard you have looked beyond to the next and the struggle begins again. Standards are not just for holding you to a certain level, they are a means to challenge you to look beyond and keep the fire burning. This aspect is particularly important to me in my life, I am sure you can see how potential drives you past standards as well?

As we strive for our most optimal selves in 2017, having an understanding of Standards or Conditons is important. Acknowledgement, Perfromance, and then Possibility is the way we keep growing THROUGH our goals for this year. I hope you are all staying focused and conscious of this each day. Constantly regcognizing standards should not constrain you but rather push you to see how you can develop new and exciting ways to re-invent yourself through what is already laid out. Keep pushing and moving foreward my friends. 

Agility Warm Up @ 10m Each
High Knee Pull
Quad Pull
Squat 180 **stepping the leg high over hip, swing opposite leg to 180, squat
High Knees
Butt kickers
Marching High Kicks
Straight leg shuffles
Fig 4 Drill
Lateral Shuffle
Lateral Bounding
Sprint W/ Change of Direction

Snatch Warm up:
 7 x romanian deadlift
7 x snatch high pull
7 x muscle snatch
7 x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1
7 x snatch balance
7 x power snatch to OHS
7 x snatch pull under
7 x hang (squat) snatch

Skill Development:
Snatch Touch and Go 3-5 Repetitions
-use 70% of your max. 
-We have worked skill drills, now we cycle and understand the principles of power output and limits.

Partner Conditioning:
"I go, You GO Fashion"
**As fast as possible
30 cal Bike or row- switch
20 Cal Bike or Row- Switch
10 Cal Bike or Row- Switch
20 Cal Bike or Row- Switch
30 Cal Bike or Row- Switch

10m Samson Lunge + Reach
10m Duck Walk
10m Elbow TO instep + Reach
10m Frog Jumps

Thruster Warm Up: 5 Mins
-work Tricep mobility in rack position
-do 8 reps tempo front squat 3,2,1
-do 10 back Rack press
-do 10 barbell Thruster
Rope Climb Scaled: 5 Mins
-Rope Lowers
-strict Chin Ups

Army Sgt. 1st Class Dae Han Park
Died March 21,2011
HARTFORD, Conn. — A veteran Special Forces soldier from Connecticut has been killed by an enemy attack in Afghanistan, the Defense Department said Monday.
Army Sgt. 1st Class Dae Han Park, who was based in Washington state and served in countries including Iraq, Bangladesh and Cambodia, died Saturday after his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device, officials said.
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ordered Connecticut and U.S. flags lowered to half-staff until the day of Park’s burial.
“He is a hero who died serving his country and he will be honored and remembered as such,” Malloy said.
Park, 36, graduated from Watertown High School in Watertown, Conn., and joined the Army in 1998 as an infantryman.
He joined the elite Rangers in 2000 and volunteered for Special Forces training in 2005, according to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., and was deployed on missions to countries including Iraq and India. He was on his first rotation to Afghanistan when he was killed.
He is survived by his wife and two daughters who live in Washington state.

"Dae Han"
800m Run
3 Rope Climbs
12 Thrusters 135/85