120417 "Nutrition:Treat the problem not the symptoms"

Effectiveness, sustainability, Adaptation. The essence of Nutritrion choices and change need to embody these principles if there is to be any substantial change. If your nutrition plan can not refer back to these principles you are on on a very familiar pathway, Dieting. Dieting is akin to treating the symptoms of a disease instead of curing the disease. 

Most adults have been on some sort of diet in their lives. 
-south beach
All of these 'diets' have been recognized for certain health benefits usiually becasue of the rapid weight loss that occurs when you go full throttle into them. Awesome. But what about 5 years from now. Research has shown that 90% of dieters gain back all the weight they lose during a diet phase, plus 5 pounds! That is like giving up mcDonalds and then gorging yourself in Subway Sandwiches. Yes, you may make Jared proud ... but the problem of eating processed grains and meats is still going to make you sicker!

Now I dont want to make those of you on diets feel like shit. I really don't. You are extremely motivated and recognize that the path that you are on now is simply not working. We just need to look at Nutrition on a large scale not a short term one. Essentially You can think about Nutrition changes like a Forester Looks at a forest that has been burned down in a fire, it takes planning and years for the seeds you plant to grow and mature into something great!

Dieting unfortunately happens in extremes. You want results and you want them now. You are willing to SUFFER (never a good thing when it comes to food), you believe that the process is full proof. What occurs in extreme dieting is not only emotional let downs but also physiological problems. I have seen this with the paleo diet. Energy levels dip wehen athletes cut out carbohydrates from processed grains, athletes get depressed and drop out of the diet. Even More, atheltes have been shown to disrupt their hormones because of not understanding dieting and physical training. Friends and Doctors are also no help in many instances as they make general statements or give general advice without taking into account you as an individual. Some diets are simply not for everyone.  

Being hungry, fatigued and weak are symptoms of diets. This is the 'suffer' factor I am referring to and why most people fail and reverts to old habits in food. Feeling angry and anxious about food is the best way to develop complexes around eating which can have lasting impacts on self-image and nutritional mentality. Change needs to be realistic and wholesome. You deserve to feel good about what you are doing, and be able to plan out how to keep the plan going for years to come.

Treating the problem of modern Nutriton is not easy. As I constantly write about in my blog, the system is stacked against us when it comes to searching for healthy food. From labeling to the over processing of nearly every item in our grocery stores, you are set up to fail... worse yet, become addicted. 

Solutions to the nutrition predicatment that most of find ourselves in begins with a simple focus on the effectiveness of our food choices. A chicken breast is going to provide a more health benefits than a Peanut Butter sandwich. Conscious understanding of how our food will effect our performance is undersanding the effectiveness of food. 

Sustainability over time is second. Yes you may be able to endure Tofu and Broccoli for 6 weeks and get skinny but is that a meal plan that you can sustain for 30 years... I dont think so. Your body needs variation in nutrition and so do you. Taking and realistic look at your life an habits should help you scratch a path towards lifelong nutrition planning. 

In the same way, your Lifestyle should be able to adapt to changing environmental factors. Dieting is many times so hardlined that straying from it creates absolute chaos in ones life. You should be able to balance and adapt to anything, stay conscious and keep progressing. Once again, this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

The basis for this article is in response to Modern Medicine. As we develop more short term symptom remedies to every ailment, people keep getting more and more sick. The system is broken and real problem solving needs to occur. I emplore you to look not just to next month but 30 years from now when looking at Nutritional Choices. Keep pushing and educating yourself. make this year one that you will look back on and smile. 

:90 High Knee Jump Rope
Walking Lunges
Kip Swing on Pull Up Bar
Side Plank Knee To Elbow

Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Hip Bridge, Ankle Rotation, PNF, Squat W/ T Spine Reach. 

Back Squat
Front Squat

30 Pull Up
50 Med Ball Cleans
30 Pull Ups

2X :30 @ Each
Squat jacks
Push Ups
V Ups
Inch Worm
KB Windmills

Lat band Mobility
Bull Stretch
Scapula Distraction Stretch

**Take 10 Minutes To Cover the Pull, Transition Mobility, and Press out of the ring Muscle UP.

Skill Development:
6 Ring Dips OR 3 Ring Muscle Ups
10 Push Ups
*Scale Accordingly, this is strength Gymnastics. The athlete should have :30 rest before next set.

Burpee Onto Plate
Toes To Bar
Kettlebell Swing
12 Minute CAP

Shoulder Rolls
Neck Rolls
Arm Swing
Wall Press

 100m Run
 :30x Handstand against wall
 :30 max DB Push Press (lightish)
 :30 DB hold overhead.

Skill Development:
Push Press
@ 75% of Body Weight

75 Double Unders
35 DB Snatch 50/35