060417 "Looking Beyond the Label: Fish Oil"

If you have been with me for any length of time we have no doubt had a conversation about Fish oil. As important as whole foods, I encourage everyone to get on a fish oil supplement (Pure Pharma) to keep the brain and heart working well. 

Deep in our conversation I have always referenced the back label of your fish oil bottle. Below all the Government mandated percentages there is an EPA/DPA level on each bottle. These are the fatty acids that are so vital for health. Today I will open up the benefits of the DHA fatty acid on your body and well being. 

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the primary fatty acid in the brain and retinas. We get small amounts from modern milk products and larger quantities from consuming fish like swordfish, anchovies, and sardines. 

A deficiency in DHA can induce:

-cognitive decline


-sleep depravation

-coronary artery disease

-alzheimers/ dementia



That is a long list of hazards to avoid but one very important trend, brain health. Once again the Brain and Gut are intrinsically tied together and this is a important point. To obtain optimal brain health for the long term, especially while eating a modern diet, supplementation is necessary. 

So look at your fish oil again and compare it to this. A serving of fish can have anywhere from 500-1550 mg of DHA and 3 capsules of a superior Fish Oil can have up to 500mg. If you are getting the generic store bought brand you are not getting anywhere close to that! Buying the supplement with the 500+ rating is necessary and highly worth the money. But, once again, there is not substitute for whole foods. Especially in this case when it involves a sustainable fish source. 

Keep watching what you are shoving in da mouth and make sure that the quality fuel enters the gut. Your brain depends on it. 

10 reps of each:
Scapula Push Up
Downdog to Seal
Ring Row w/ Scap Retraction
Iron Cross
Handstand Shoulder Shrug
Hanging Scapular Pull (Reverse Shrug) 
Bridge Ups
scorpion stretch
Handstand Shoulder Taps
Monkey Hangs (Hanging Hip Touches) 

500-250-100m Row. 
Rest :45 between efforts
***Breath should be strong inhale through nose/ out through mouth during efforts. These are meant to be done at 1:35-1:45/500m pace. 

Skill Development:
3 Strict Press
3 Push Press
1 Split Jerk

Row 50 Cals
15X Dumbbell Burpee Cluster
(DB burpee, squat Clean thruster)

In Partner Teams,
30 Partner Planked Hand Claps
30 Partner Sit Ups
30 Sync'd Squats
30 Burpee Over Partner
30 Double Unders EACH
400m Run Together

**Spend 8 Minutes covering the skills of Hang Power clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead. Agree on a weight to use with your partner. 

Partner WOD:
100 DOuble Unders
30 hang Power Clean
50 Double Unders
20 Shoulder to Overhead
50 Front Squats
20 Shoulder TO Overhead
50 Double Unders
30 hang Power Clean
100 Double Unders