250517 "Alcohol Vs. Your Metabolism"

Remember the story about how German Athletes are fed beer after every workout for recovery? How Russian weightlifters are heavy Vodka drinkers? Part science and part self fulfilling profecy, the myth that alcohol provides optimal recovery is not something to base your nutrition plan on!

Calories put in your body through food or drink are processed by the body. No matter what, your efficient systems try and use all that you give it for fuel and energy storage. Alcohol is unique in the way it is processed. Unlike other quick fuels like rice or potato, Alcohol cannot be broken down into glucose rather it is synthesized like a fat would be. 

Since Alcohol is processed like a fat , the more you drink, the less fat your body has the opportunity to burn. Weight loss, health and disease have a lot to do with how your metabolism rates go. The body cannot store alcohol for energy so it burns every calorie that you injest IMMEDIATELY. This is why, if you are a light weight, you feel the effects of alcohol within minutes. 

The idea of calories in, calories out clearly doesn't work with alcohol. The effects of alcohol on your metabolism are quick as we have found out, but what about the side effects on your body. Once important side effect of alcohol is that it increases the need to EAT. We all know that alcohol strips us of logical thinking sometimes lending our diets to go to hell while we have a good weekend bender or parties with friends. 

Now I am not advising against drinking in moderation. I for one am a fan. If you are taking in 98% of your calories from quality food, then having a couple beers or a glass of wine is not going to impact performance or inhibit recovery. 

Truth cannot be understated though, Alcohol has 0 nutirtional value. I know there is probably a 'superfood' Vodka brand out there but their clams are probably unfounded . Pay attention to avoid anything, food or drink, that contains little to no nutiritional value. Additionally, robbing your body of nutrients by drinking a lot also delpeates your hydration and thus... the dreaded hangover! 

Keep training hard and pushing towards becoming the best possible version of yourself. Enjoy life as you see fit but enjoy good health more!



2X :45 work :15 rest

-High Knee Jump Rope

-High Jump Singles

-Double Unders



10 DB Front Raises (moderate Weight)

10 DB Renegade Row

10 DB Alternating Strict Press



15 Min EMOM

A. 3 Legless Rope Climbs (scale to hip bridge Rope lowers)

B. 12 Strict Ring Dips

C. 50/50m Overhead Dumbbell Carry/Farmer Carry *switchDB positions at 50m Mark



10min AMRAP

50 Double Unders

30 Walking Lunges

25 Push Up

**Compare TO 3/2/17




Lat Band Mob/ Bully Stretch/ Scapula Distraction / Banded Iron Cross


800m Run


Push Up W/ Plank Rotation

KB Deadlift

KB Goblet Squat


Spend 8 Mins Reviewing the Deadlift and Push Press.



Tabata Mash Up


Tabata Deadlift @ 155#

Rest 2:00

Tabata 'American' KB Swing @ 70#

Rest 2:00

Tabata PUSH Press @ 155# *this is meant to be heavy and slow


Cash Out:

3X 15 GHD Sit Ups

Rest As needed Between Sets