040517 "3 Reasons why Eating Dark Chocolate at night is good"

Everyone.. deep down... has a sweet tooth.. Admit it, when you get done with dinner, you are enjoying conversation and reveling in your day; there is a certain sweetness that your body desires. Well I am here to tell you that you should indulge. Indulge in a way that can actually benefit your health. Dark Chocolate is a great way to satisfy that urge without sacrificing your nutrition plan or your fitness goals. Here are reasons why dark chocolate is the way to go.

1) "Flavaniods"... yes. Flavonoids are phytonutrients from the cacao tree. In recent years these nutrients have been shown to decrease inflammation, increase immune health, and keep the heart healthy. The flavaniods found in chocolate work by increasing the metabolism of certain proteins and build up within the blood. Though it has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, our western medicine has slowly caught on. 

2) Dark Chocolate is high in iron. Iron is important in the blood because it carries and stores oxygen in the cells. Fresh oxygen in the cells keeps the cells young and fights off the free radicals which seek to harm your cells and increase the likelihood of aging and disease. Dark Chocolate has an average of 3 milligrams per serving. A Recommended Daily allotment of Iron is between 8-20 milligrams. So as you can simply deduce, a serving of dark chocolate each day puts you on the right path towards optimal health. 

3) Magnesium to keep your muscles recharged. As athletes it is vital that we allow our muscles to recover, rebuild and then refire! One serving of Dark Chocolate at night will help with the rebuilding process from a hard day of training. It is important that you consume dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate as this will negate the muscle building potential. Magnesium is also good for the heart and your metabolism so there is added benefits as well. 

Satisfying the sweet tooth has never been so good when you do it with Dark Chocolate. As an athlete and chocolate lover this is even better news. The universe is really smiling on us when receiving from a hard day of training is highlighted by chocolate. So smile, sit back and enjoy... And get back at it tomorrow!

500m Row
5 Kip Swing
5 Hollow Rocks
5 Burpee

Lat Band Mobility
Bully Stretch
Scapula Distraction
Pull Aparts (supine and prone grip)

Gymnastic Strength:
Exposure 7 of 8
:20 Ring Plank (feet on box)
10 Hip Extension
:15 Chin Over Bar Hold

KB Swing
Toes To Bar
Pistol Squat

4X Tabata Row. **Breathe only through nose during work periods
4X Tabata Slam Ball. ** Take large mouth inhales and exhales only
4X Tabata Row. ** Deep inhales through the nose and out the mouth.
4X Tabata Handstand Hold. **Deep inhales and exhales through the mouth. 

Partner Global Extension stretch. (Partner 1 hangs on Pull up bar, Partner2  places hand in upper back and pushes. Stretch happens through chest and shoulders)

60 Cal Row
50 Wall Ball
40 Cal Row
30 Wall Ball
20 Cal Row
10 Wall Ball