080517 "Your Health, The Effort Dilemma"

Unless you are one of those people who are on a collision course with death, chances are you probably want a High Quality Life. You have watched enough TV and seen enough of your family to know what the good looks like, and what bad looks like in regards to the quality I speak of. The problem, as I see it, stems from the Effort that each put forth to achieve that quality of life. The 'Effort scale' is a perplexing one and it says more about you than you may think. 

Im going to take it back, way back to about two generations ago. 

Depending on your family history there was probably a time, not to long ago, when the effort put forth to find food and obtain a good level of health took a bit of effort. I can speak to my grandparents generation who grew their own food and butchered their own meats in order to feed their families. There was a sense of where food came from and the work to place it on the table. With the effort came a sense of value for food and health. 

We can all agree that procuring food today is about as effortless as it can be. Walk into any grocery store and the prepared food is warmed for immediate consumption. In large cities like New York there are food delivery services which offer 100's of restaurant choices right on your computer screen. Food can be sent to your home or work within minutes; there is not too much effort in that. 

So why are we still plagued with the impending doom of diabetes? Why is obesity at an all time high? When food and the health seem to be effortless, we are suffering in a way that has never been seen in human history. 

Maybe its the economy of food? 

With Fast Food options being shown to cost more than home prepared food, it seems that money could not be the reason for the lack of effort. Right? I remember being 28 with 2 babies and being very frickin poor. My wife and I had $80-100 per week to spend on food and we stretched every dollar. And keep in mind, I eat a lot! The effort we put into purchasing our food had to be calculated like millions of other americans. What we found was that a trip to costco for meat and a weekly stop at the farmers market kept us on budget. 

Because of the availability of quality food and the Effort you and I can put into living on a budget, certainly our health should not suffer. So maybe its not an objective issue defining the Effort we put into good health, perhaps its a more substantive and personal choice.

Did you strive for A's in school or were you cool with C's and B's. Do you do what is expected at work or do you go beyond what is expected to create a more optimal environment? I use these examples as general  tools for reflection. If food procurement and economy can't limit our health, then our own value on achieving must be in question.

Health is very personal. In fact, I have learned that changing a clients health and nutrition choices is harder than changing their views on religion. As personal as religion is, so to is health. I fear that for most the idea of being 'not sick' is a sign of good health. This fine line of putting in just enough effort to keep you on track through your day and perhaps making it a few years longer is touchy at best. 

The amount of Effort you and I put into our Health has to come from our perceived Value placed on it. Value, like effort, is scalable. If you look at your life and the things you Value I would challenge you to assign a number  to them 1-10. 1 Being the most important, 10 being the least. I then ask you to re-read the opening remark to this post about how we all generally desire a high quality life. Does health rank in the top 1-2 on your list? 

Because health is personal; more substantive than objective the Effort dilemma is exposed. You control the definition as well as the means to achievement. No-one else, not even your spouse or your kids has the final say in how much Effort you put into your Health. This Freedom of choice can be both a blessing as well as a curse. 

As Freedom dictates, you can change course at any time and redefine the playing field as you see fit. Today I challenge you to take this editorial to heart. Chances are, by you simply reading this there is a good chance you already put in a good bit of effort towards health. We are not without improvement though. 2017 is a year where you could look back and say, "this is the year where I was the healthiest". I want that for all of you. Go Big, put in the EFFORT, because what you will get back is beyond all measure. 



-Roll out lats and scapula and shoulder


:30 @ Each

Scapula Push Ups

Divebomber Push Ups

MTN Climbers 2Ct.

Elbow TO instep Lunges

Wall Climbs

Arm Haulers

Scorpion Stretch

High Knees

Burpee Tuck Jump

Side Lunges


Skill Development +Power:

Overhead Squat

5-5-5-5 *same weight across sets

Snatch Balance

3-3-3 *light weight, focus on fast and stable



5X 3 Min EMOM


200m Sprint

(500m/400m row Sprint if raining)




500-250-100m Row. 

Rest :45 between efforts

***Breath should be strong inhale through nose/ out through mouth during efforts. These are meant to be done at 1:35-1:45/500m pace. 


Lunge Flow: ankle Rotations, elbow to instep W/ Reach, hamstring pulses, warrior pose, Pigeon Stretch


Barbell Prep:

-high pull

-tall clean

-front squat +press

-hang squat clean +press


**spend 5 minutes building to workout weight.



60 Burpee Box Jumps For Time


EMOM 3 Clusters 135/95


**15 minute Cap 




Lat Band Mobility , banded Bully stretch, scapula Distraction.



Deadbug W/ Contra Lateral Reach

Piked Push Ups

Monkey hangs (bar hang W/ hip Touch)

Russian Twist

Squat Jumps


3X 10m 

High Knees

Butt Kickers


Straight Leg Shuffle



20 min AMRAP



800m Run, 


5 Single Arm Dumbbell Press L

5 Single Arm Dumbbell Press R

10 Toes To Bar


10-20 Min

800m Run


5 Single Arm Ground to Overhead L

5 Single Arm Ground To Overhead R

10 Toes TO bar




6 Min Quality Circuit Warm up

25 Double Unders or 25 High Knee Rope Skips

12 Ring Rows W/ :02 hold at top

12 Reverse PLyo Lunge -Lunge back and jump back up

12 Divebomber Push Ups 


Gymnastic Strength:

Week 8 of 8


A) 5-7 Pull Up Negatives +:05

B) :30 Handstand Hold

C) 16 Pistol Squat



4X 3min AMRAP

15 Med Ball Clean

12 MTN Climbers (2ct.)

9 Ring Dips

**Rest 1:00 between efforts