070617 "2 Tips on being Present and Mindful"

We are grinding each and every day.. no doubt. Life seems to speed up and we are striving hard to keep up with it. Two things fall by the wayside when life speeds up, nutrition goes to shit and our ability to be present and mindful gets lost in the race. Here are two quick practice tips to help you in life as well as athletics. 

1) Believe in Yourself. "Wherever you go, there you are" is my favorite saying. No matter what we are chasing, it is ourselves that we are to deal with in the end. By believing and being conscious of yourself you become more present in your thoughts and feelings. 
One key practices I use when I am suffering in a workout or when life seems to be spinning out of control is the self diagnostic test. I stop (my mind, not my body while working out) and do a full top to bottom. I feel each muscle, analyze my breath, take stock on my surroundings. I often do a space or vibrational check. Your immediate environment can do a lot to either keep you focused or lose sight in your present self.
You are the one in control of this ship so act like it. Being present and mindful is about loving and being honest with yourself. 

2) Practice what you love. How many times do baseball players swing their bats in practice before they hit their first homer in a game? I would say thousands to be on the safe side. As athletes we are locked on to wheat we love and what drives us to keep progressing. The art of mindfulness originates with bringing yourself to a space of calm, relaxed and not stressed. Practicing sport, is a form of meditation in the same regard as Yoga is to some.
The next time you are doing a workout, running, swimming, surfing, whatever... try to isolate the point in time when your mind lets go and your able to calm yourself and collect your thoughts. I promise there is a point, go find it. 
Something that happens to me during the workout "Jackie" (1K row, 50 BB Thrusters, 30 Pull Ups) is that my mind fights me during the row. My body is rejecting the stimulus and my mind is exerting power over the body to keep it moving fast. The Thrusters come and my quads are on fire, the bar seems to be choking me out and my breath is erratic. Then it happens, my gaze becomes more focused, the breathing settles into a rhythm and my mind and body both scream "I WANT THIS". This moment is a beautiful example of being mindful through practice. I am creating physical exertion to provide balance for my mind and spirit. 
Find what drives you, what challenges you and use it as a tool to help you dig deeper into the PRESENT YOU!

Keep pushing and working towards becoming the best possible version of yourself in 2017! 


 Agility Warm Up @ 10m Each

High Knee Pull 

Quad Pull 

Squat 180 **stepping the leg high over hip, swing opposite leg to 180, squat

High Knees

Butt kickers

Marching High Kicks


Straight leg shuffles

Fig 4 Drill

Lateral Shuffle 


Lateral Bounding

Sprint W/ Change of Direction


**ensure that the calf is supple, roll out or spend 3 minutes working mobility issues

400m Run
30 Box Jump
30 Wall Ball Shots
**scale the run/reps, keep the Rounds intact


Lat Band Mob/ Bully Stretch/ Scapula Distraction

15 GHDSit Up
12 Alternating Dumbbell Press
12 Dumbbell Bent Over Row

**Spend 5 Minutes working the Front Rack Position and PUSH PRESS

Every 3:00 for 7 Rounds
12X 10’ Lateral Line Touch
10X Push Press 115/75
8X Burpee Over Bar
**Lateral Line Touch is lateral agility, stay low shuffle feet.


400m Run


3X 20m Bear Crawl/3 Wall Climbs/ 10 Monkey Hangs (hanging Hip Touches)



Banded Press 

Banded Pull Aparts

Banded Pass Thru

Clean and Jerk Warm Up:

7@ Each

-Romanian Deadlift

-High Pull

-Muscle Clean + 3 Press

-Front Squat + 1 Press

-Hang Clean 

**spend 3 Minutes covering the HSPU Modifications

50 Cal Row
30 Chest TO bar
20 Power Clean 185/115
**Compare to 2/27/17