170717 "5 Reasons why Quinoa should be on your plate"

I am simply tired of eating so much rice all the time. Yes it is easy to prepare, has health benefits and is easy to measure in my macros but man... I like variety. As many of you have found, there is few other nutrient dense carbohydrates that can fill that void when taken off the plate. Quinoa is the solution and we will go over 5 reasons why it should be on your meal plan. 

Quinoa is considered an 'ancient grain' given its usage by humans for over 7,000 years. Ironically, this grain is not even a grain at all. Unlike barley and rice which grow out of grasses, Quinoa is actually an edible seed. The seed has been shown to feed populations as well as rice has over millennia. NASA has actually made plans to take Quinoa on planetary exploration missions because of its ease of growth!

So for the benefits;

1- Who doesn't love a Carbohydrate that fills your macros without Gluten. Quinoa is absolutely a gluten free food with both Gut health benefits as well as Heart health benefits . Gluten, as you know is a protein found in certain grains which allow the grain to no be broken down in your GUT. Given Quinoa's biological make up, this is not of a concern to those who suffer from Celiac disease. 

2- Amino Acids make or break your food quality. If you are consuming Shit foods that are void of any important nutrients, then you are basically just starving your gains. Quinoa is very high in essential Amino Acids and actually has a decent protein profile for being a plant. Lysine is essential for daily consumption and a serving of Quinoa can deliver 1/5 of your daily requirements.

3- Fiber helps keep excess weight off as well as produces a GUT bacteria environment that is beneficial for optimal health. Given that Quinoa is a seed (essentially) , the is a ton of insoluble fiber in and around the food itself. When your body breaks foods down, there are pieces of dense outer material that cannot be digested and therefore are passed through taking with it unwanted waste and bad bacteria. 

4- When you are eating a high fiber diet, loaded with foods that have a high nutrient profile; you mitigate Cancer development. Cancer feeds off a number of processes in your body including inflammation, charred meats, etc. Science has shown that eating plants and seeds will decrease inflammation and purge the body of unwanted carcinogens which can lead to cancer development. Quinoa, when added to your diet, can help keep your diet the best it can be and scrub your GUT of cancer inducing cells. 

5- Potassium, Magnesium, and Alpha-Linolenic Acid are all nutrients that you should be paying attention to. Americans die most often from Heart Disease. These three nutrients are essential in keeping Heart Disease from developing. Quinoa has the power within its shell to deliver the goods and keep your heart and associated vascular system healthy. We are in the midst of a clarity which will unfold in our lives as the amount of processed foods starts picking off people. Hedge your bets by incorporating Quinoa in your diet to keep you out of the statistical norm!

A great way I have been incorporating Quinoa in my diet is in the place of Rice. I use Quinoa as a base for my Kale Salads and then add some protein, nuts and oil to it and create a meal that I can literally FEEL making me better and stronger. Cristin is baking with Quinoa, both processing the grains after washing or just whole in things like muffins. 

Keep yourself on the right path, try substituting Quinoa and Thrive my friends! 

Programming Notes 7/17-23

P1- 1 Minute of Jump Rope
P2- Inch Worm W/ Push Up
P1- 1 Minute Of High Knee Jump Rope
P2- Mountain Climbers
P1- 1 Minute Double Under Practice
P2- Active Squat Hold

7 Min EMOM
-10 KB Side bends (Obliques) each side
-10 Kettlebell Swings
-5 KB Cleans

5 Rounds For Time
30 Double Under
15 Single Arm Kettlebell Deadlifts ‘L’
30 Squats
15 Single Arm Kettlebell Deadlifts “R’
* Deadlifts should be done standing on top of 6” riser or plate, go heavy 


6 Min Quality Partner AMRAP
P1-10 Banded Pull Apart /10 Banded Pass Thru/ 10 Banded Press
P2- Run 200m


Pull Up/Muscle UpPrep:
7 Kip Swings
7 Skip Position (knee pull)
7 Explosive Hip Bridge (on the ground)

7 HUGE Kipping Pull Ups
7 Jumping Muscle Ups
5 Negative Muscle Ups

Cluster Prep:


 3 hang clean high pulls

 3 hang muscle cleans + 3 strict presses

 3 tempo front squats, tempo 53X1+ 3 push presses

 3 hang power cleans to front squat (receive each rep a little deeper, pause 2 seconds in receiving position)

 3 clean pull under +thruster

 3 hang (squat) cleans + 3 Thrusters

*Each Triplet is for Time
0-5 Mins
6 Bar Muscle Ups
9 Clusters @185/125
20/15 Cal Row
Rest 2 Mins
7-12 Mins
6 bar Muscle Ups
9 Clusters @155/115
20/15 Cal Row
Rest 2 Mins
14-19 Mins
6 Bar Muscle Ups
9 Clusters @135/95
20/15 Cal Row
*Note that weight is decending each triplet

2X:30 @ Each
-High Knees
-Push Ups
-Side Lunges
-Parallette Pass Thru
-Jumping Pull Ups

Gymnastic Strength:
Exposure #2 - Not For Time
3X5 Weighted Pull Up

Ring Dip
Pistol Squat


Aerobic Test #2
20 Min AMRAP
800m Run
20 Snatch 95/65
400 m Run
20 Toes To bar
*Record score, we will repeat 2 More times before Trail Run

Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch/ Scapula Distraction

20 Cal On Assault bike
12 Push Up + Plank Rotation
12 Dumbbell Renegade Row (each Arm)

Skill Development:
Strict Press
3X6 Tempo (1,5,3)
*press fast, hold overhead 5 seconds, eccentrically lower 3 seconds, hold on shoulder 1 second.

Alternate Sets With

Bulgarian Split Squats
3X12 each Leg
*use Dumbbell held in Front Rack Position

Tabata Hollow Hold

Rest 1 Minute

Tabata Push Up

Roll Out Calves on Kettlebells for 3 minutes


50 Box Jump 24/20
50 Single Arm Kettlebell Swing 

50 Sit Ups
50 Wall Ball
50 Burpees

Rest 5 Minutes