140817 "Collagen VS. Whey Protein, The Search Continues"

Some search for the perfect wave, some the perfect drug. I...Search for the best possible supplements to keep me firing. At 37 years young , as many of you know, the standards and routines of your life NEED to evolve in order to stay on your game. If you have not altered your lifestyle and nutrition at least 10 times from 25-35... you are far behind the curve. 

The good news is.. you have me to keep you informed and thinking about the right moves (nutritionally) to make in your life. Today I am going to expand once again on the search for the best supplement to support muscle synthesis (growth and repair) and overall health. 

Collagen Proteins make up 30% of the overall protein composition in our bodies. This fact is impressive, especially when we look at joint, bone and muscle health. Along with a diet rich in high quality proteins like fish, poultry and beef, our body produces the protein in good amounts until we peak in our late 20's and 30's. Collagen production along with other essential hormones and proteins begin to become less available from our own bodies and therefore supplementation is necessary. This process should begin in early 30's.  

We see collagen products in all manner of lifestyle brands, most notably Skin care products. As wrinkles and lines in skin become visible we age, this is due to the extracellular collagen potency going down in our bodies. Out of our sight, the same decline happens in our bones, joints and muscles. 

So how do Collagen Peptides compare to Whey Protein? 

This question as I see it has multiple levels:
-which effects better muscle growth and repair?
-which has more beneficial effects on my GUT?
-Which delivers the best Branch Chain Amino Acids?
-which is easier to consume?

Whey protein has many benefits as I have written extensively on HERE. Looking at the above listed questions I would say that overall Whey protein has the BCAA Leucine which is the most important amino acid for muscle synthesis. The amino acid profile of a Grass Fed Whey  is substantial and very complimentary to an athletes training schedule. BUT... it can be very hard on those that are sensitive to Lactose and other elements of Dairy products. Consuming Whey is easy in drinkables and it is also added to the copius amounts of "Protein" bars on the market. Overall it is a safe bet for optimizing nutrient delivery to muscle post workout. 

Collagen on the other hand shares many of the same benefits that Whey does with the added bonus of repairing the GUT and regulating your metabolism through Hormone balancing.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of Proteins and Collagen Gelatin (Bone Broth) or Peptides has a lot of them . Primarily Collagen as three very important ones; Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Glycine. While it may lack the Leucine found in Whey, the amino acids found in Collagen share similar composition to those in Creatine. Creatine has been studied for years and shown to increase nutrient delivery and muscle synthesis in all athletes. 

Collagen is naturally more anti-inflammatory than Whey Protein. As opposed to disturbing the GUT, Collagen soothes and repairs the Gut. Collagen is an extra cellular substance so once absorbed in the body it immediately repairs and protects your cells. This is why a boost in collagen can mean healthier looking skin, nails and hair!

There are multiple ways to get extra collagen. Vital Proteins is a brand that I firmly stand behind. They make a Collagen Peptide powder that can be put in any beverage you want. You can also boil bovine, fish and poultry bones to yield the gelatin form of Collagen. Just as with Whey, the best way to ensure lots of the good getting in your diet is by eating the highest quality foods, both veggies and meats. 

As a daily routine try my standard: take a Whey protein with carbs before your training session and then a smoothie with Collagen Protein, coconut water, fruit and veggies after your training session to calm the stomach and ensure optimal absorption.  

Keep searching and Ill keep informing and guiding you along the way. Being the best possible version of yourself takes time and persistence. We can get there together. Stay strong and look younger my friends, get on the Collagen! Love Ya! E

Programming Notes 8/14-8/18

200m Run
12 Walking Elbow Instep Lunges W/ Reach
Bear Crawl 25’
12 Push Ups
:45 Deadbug Ipsalateral Reach

Gymnastic Strength: (not for time)
Exposure 6 of 8
Weighted Pull Up

Ring Dip
Pistol Squat
*Form over speed

10 Rounds For Time
“Aggressive Cindy”
5 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Clapping Push Ups
15 Dumbbell Front Rack Squat 50/35
*scale to banded Muscle Ups or Jumping Muscle Ups
*Scale Push Up to Push Up with Shoulder Tap

10m Walking Hamstring Reach
10m Marching High Kicks
10m Duck Walk
10m Frog Hops
10m Inchworm
10m Lateral Hip Activation
2:00 Side Plank *switch sides at minute mark
400m Run

Core/ Odd Object Training:
4 Rounds (Not ForTime) (20 min Time Cap)
40m Sled Push *increase load each round
20m Yolk Carry *scale to back rack HEAVY barbell walk
12 Stone Squats *held on belly, not shoulder
12 Slam Ball Extension Throws *from floor, explosively throw over shoulder as hard as possible

12 Minute EMOM
A: 5X Deadlift @ 315/225
B: :45 Wall Ball Shots

Cool Down:
Roll Out Low Back
Hamstring stretch on wall
Couch Stretch

P1- Rows 100m
P2- Holds Squat
*repeat until monitor reaches 1k.

15@ each
High Knees
Single Leg Rope Jumps
Butt Kickers
Ice Skaters (side step Reverse Lunge)
Side Lunge
Reverse Shoulder Rotations
Arm Circles

Single Leg Strength:
Back Rack Reverse Lunge Exposure 6 of 8
*Use same weight as week before, this week we begin with both feet on 45# plate, lunge backward with one leg to allow for hip to reach further in ROM.
*perfrom all 4 reps on one leg before going to other

Aerobic Test #1
Compare to 7/24/17
2 K Row
150 Double Under
1 Mile Run
*we will test this one more time before Trail Run Sept. 16.

Roll Out Calves and Hip Capsule for 3-5 minutes before class begins

2 X:30 @ Each
-Jumping Jacks
-Mountain Climbers
-Single Leg Toe Touches
-Russian Twist *weighted
-Squat Therapy on Wall

Shoulder Prep:
10 Bush Wackers *swing arms alternating over head
10 Kip Swing on Bar *stay in hollow
5 Strict Toes to Bar *keep it strict even if feet can’t touch bar
5 Scapula Pull Ups

2 Rounds For Time
20 Toes TO bar
30 Box Jump
40 Double Kettlebell Front Rack Walking Lunge Steps
50 Hip Touches (*begin in elbow plank, touch left then right hip to the floor. Reach hips high in pike on transition.)


Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch/ Scapula Distraction
10@ Each W/ 2.5/5# plate
-bent over reverse fly
-bent over Scarecrow and external rotation
-front Raises
-corkscrews (arm Outstretched)
-wide press
-narrow Press

Every 2:00 for 5 cycles (10:00)
5 Strict Press @ 75-85%
Tempo 1X1 (one second hold at shoulder, one second hold at top)
*no Rapid Cycling

Clean and Jerk Warm Up:
7X hang clean high pulls

7X hang muscle cleans + 3 strict presses

7X tempo front squats, tempo 53X1+ 3 push presses

7X hang power cleans to front squat (receive each rep a little deeper, pause 2 seconds in receiving position)

7X clean pull unders + 3 push jerks

7X 3 hang (squat) cleans + 3 split jerks

400m Farmer Carry 50/35
20 Clean and Jerk 155/105
400m Farmer Carry