231018 "3 Truths that are debunking the 'Cholesterol is BAD' Myth"

Its now fall, chilly mornings and certainly there is the possibility of some rain or even snow. Now, you wouldn’t leave the house without a jacket right? Your jacket, protects you from the elements, allows you to thrive in an otherwise uncomfortable climate. Well, this is cholesterol in a nut shell. Cholesterol in your body is like a Jacket around each and every one of your billion cells. Cholesterol protects it, allows it to thrive and increases its functionality no matter the conditions. Cholesterol has been falsely vilified for many years as a killer in our bodies. As I will show you there are more dangerous truths lying just beneath the surface.

Did you know that Heart Disease is killing more people today in America than any other Disease or Virus? It is estimated by the CDC that over 633,000 of us will perish before our time because our plumbing is shot… The easy scapegoat over the past 50+ years has been Cholesterol. The math made sense back then, Saturated and Trans Fats create excess lipoproteins and triglycerides in the body which are hard to process by the liver. This excess eventually clogs the heart and vasculature causing death. Without more science done at the time, this reasoning became the norm and has dominated the Scientific Community’s thinking since then. What we see now in the Doctors office are recommendations for a Low Fat/ High Carbohydrate Diet and the overuse of Statins (drugs that decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood) which are proving to be more harmful than good .

The evidence is clear, we have been treating Heart Disease with the dietary protocols and drugs for QUITE A WHILE NOW, and WE are still dying at a faster rate! Maybe its time to rethink our view of Cholesterol.
Here are some essential benefits of this thing I speak of, Cholesterol;
-Protects and gives structure to EVERY FRICKIN CELL IN THE BODY
-Regulates the Synthesis of Vitamin D
-Regulates Cortisol (stress hormone)
-Provides protection to EVERY NERVE CELL, eg, lowers Parkinsons and Alzheimers risk
-Produces Bile for Proper LIVER Function
-Helps to Produce Testosterone and Estrogen

Now, there is new Science (by that I mean 30 year old science), and a emerging group of health professionals that are screaming for change. The Science is pointing to 3 Distinct Scientifically Proven Truths that prove Cholesterol isn’t killing us like previously thought.
1. High Sensitivity C-reactive protein…and you are like… WTF is he talking about????
C- Reactive Protein is a Protein. Proteins are combinations of Amino Acids formed in the Liver or other Areas of the digestive process. C-Reactive Protein is an INFLAMMATION and STRESS protein that is created by the liver and it is not a good one. I know some of you are like, “Protein, shoots lets get some more of that” but wait, not all proteins are created equal and this one can kill you. Hypertension, Hardening of Arteries and Plaques in your plumbing are a result of this protein which, as I mentioned before is a result of your chronic INFLAMMATION AND STRESS levels. Want to not Die? Well its not the egg yolk that is going to kill you, Its your Stress levels!
2. Fasting Blood Sugar Levels… this is where your glucose thermostat finds its balance. You may eat certain foods that spike your blood sugar, like all of you dumb ass CrossFitters who post about your Doughnut eating binges (give it a rest, that shit is lame). People with higher Fasting Blood Sugar levels have a higher probability of coronary artery disease and that equals early death. Excess blood glucose means that you are going to produce more triglycerides, which means more fat accumulation, which means higher density molecules pushing through your arteries and veins. Once those puppies get clogged, you screwed.
3. LEAKY GUT…. this is when the lining of your intestines have been depleted and food, bacteria and toxic waste seep into your blood. If that makes you cringe, it should. Chronic Inflammation because of the processed foods we eat, imbalances of Omega-6 fats, deformed and poisonous Omega-6 fats from cooking, SUGAR, and GRAINS produce a less than optimal environment in your Bowels. When there is undigested foods and bacteria getting into your blood stream, no amount of cellular support from cholesterol is going to stop the destruction. I dont mean to be gloomy about this but I believe it is going to effect more disease processes in our generation than anything seen before.

Cholesterol has been the evil destroyer of our health with old and outdated science. CHRONIC DISEASE is caused by CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. If you examine all the Truths I have listed above, the reasoning and science point to both our lifestyle and foods. The amount of dangerous cholesterol eaten over the course of 40 years pails in comparison to the other factors like stress, sugar intake and processed food consumption that take place in the same time.

We, the believers of a healthy and FIT lifestyle, have a mandate to change the course of health trends. Through CONSTANT-CONSCIOUS appreciation for what we eat and how we live, there is hope. You have to take on the role of Leader in this charge. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Control the narrative about living a healthy lifestyle. I dont mean being a dick by any means BUT Live healthy, live humbly and live with love and appreciation. People will follow your lead.

I hope this gave you some insight into the Cholesterol myth and please share the wealth! Ill be here to support you on the way to being your best self!