311218 "New Years, New You; 2 Simple Beverages you need to put in your Morning Routine "

The New Year is upon us and there is probably an itching in your mind to start anew, change some habits, and tilt the pendulum towards better health and wellness. The path to progress is rarely laid out in massive shifts because they inherently lead to failure. Small steps and habits are the best way to make lasting changes happen. For me, it all starts with the morning Routine. Like a fresh slate every day, your morning Nutrition routine sets you up for success or failure depending on how you approach it. Here are 2 go-to breakfast beverages that swing you towards a better day.

1. Turmeric- Apple Cider water.
If you want to give your GUT a gift every morning, this recipe is surely the way to go. Breaking the Fast that has hopefully been over 12 hours can be a truly spiritual time when you dedicate the first action to healing and nurturing the GUT. The recipe couldn’t be more simple and you can adjust it to your taste preferences if you like.
6-8 Ounces of Purified Water
1 Table Spoon of Turmeric Powder
1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.
-Drinking a glass of water every morning when you wake up awakens the digestive system and flushes the GUT. Before anything else hits the GUT lining, like food or Coffee, please prime the system with water.
-Turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory herbs that you can consume. With its deep orange color that signifies its anti-oxidant power, you can guarantee that it is going to be absorbed directly into the blood and fight off any chemicals and toxins that might be harming your cells.
-Apple Cider Vinegar may be pungent and acidic when taken alone but your GUT bacteria and lining LOVE the stuff. No matter how clean you may eat, there are millions of bacteria that live in your GUT and often they are harmful to the lining and can break through into your blood harming you immune system. Apple cider vinegar kills harmful bacteria by boosting the GOOD bacteria in your GUT. As well, the Apple Cider Vinegar helps to regulate your blood sugar through insulin responsiveness. When your body is insulin sensitive, everything is functioning well and health is maintained.

2. Coffee+ MCT Oil Powder
For many of you who are looking to the New Year as a chance to shed some weight, there is a high probability that you are going to explore INTERMITTENT FASTING. I fully support this move. In fact, even if you are just looking for a general health boost try fasting. Improvements include, better resting blood sugar, increased cognitive ability, Hormone balancing, HGH boosting, and cellular repair… just to name a few.
There are KOOKS all over the internet the are going to tell you how and when to fast so here is the Gist of what they are saying;
-Take in your last meal before 8PM .
-Dont Eat until 13-15 Hours later.
-Manage your eating around your peak activity levels.
-Dont eat SHIT food during your feeding hours
-Drink Water

Breaking fast every morning is a fun time because your body is going to FIRE if you fuel it right. Therefore I Recommend the Coffee (Espresso) + MCT Oil Powder. Here it is;
-3-6 Ounces of Coffee
-1 Scoop (or 2.5 grams) of MCT Powder
-1-2 ounces of hot water
-Coffee is just good. Drink it if you can. For some, you may not like it or it goes against doctors orders, in which case I am sorry :( Coffee does regulate blood sugar, helps with weight loss and has anti-oxidant properties that are good for the GUT and cells throughout your body.
-MCT Oil Powder is MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES in the Form of Coconut Powder. This fatty acid is broken down easily and provides a consistent and long term energy source that your body can run on without spiking your blood sugar. MCT oil has been proven to boost cognitive ability, regulate hormones and repair fatty liver disease. Combining it with coffee is like putting high octane fuel into your body. Since your body can produce energy off the Fatty acids, you can roll through your morning and into your training session feeling good.

A Healthy GUT and low Blood Sugar are key for optimal health and achieving your goals. Setting your day up for success with a good morning routine is key. Try these super easy beverages and own your day and goals. I am hopeful and full of love this holiday. Lets roll into 2019 strong , healthy and focused. Ill be here to support you all the way!
**This Week we celebrate the New Year with some aggressive Pausing Squats in Exposure #5. There is a repeat of CF Games Opens WOD 14.4 and some grit work on Monday.. Overall it is a great week to start the year off with. Set your goals for the year and let me know. I can help steer the programming in that direction. Reach out!!
500m Row
12 Banded Monster Walk Left and Right
12 Banded Good Mornings
5 Burpee

Hamstring Primer:
-Romanian Deficit Deadlift
-Pendlay Row
*No more than 135/95

5 Rounds for total Time,
1 Mile Assault Bike
15 Deadlift 205/155
25 Push ups
Rest 2 Mins Between Efforts.

Cool Down:
1:00 Side plank
Banded Hamstring Stretch

800m Run
10 Kip Swings
10 KB Goblet Squat
10 KB Cossack Lunge (side Lunge)
10 American KB Swing

Squat Flow: Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Ankle Roll Out, Bootstraps, PNF Stretch, Squat W/ T Spine Stretch

Pausing Back Squat # 5
Every :90 X 10 Rounds
*1 Pause Squat (+:03) + 2 back Squats (free tempo)
1- 65%
2- 70%
3- 75%
4- 80%
5- 85%
6- 80%
7- 75%
8- 70%
9- 75%
10- 80%

30 Chest to bar Pull Ups
50 Thrusters 65/45
800m Run

20 Cal Row
:30 Lat band Stretch L
:30 Lat band Stretch R
20 Push Ups
:30 Bully Stretch L
:30 Bully Stretch R
20 Jump Squats
:30 Single Arm Ring Row L
:30 Single Arm Ring Row R
20 V Ups

Ring Muscle Up Progression:
6 Rounds for Quality
:10 Ring Support Top
:10 Ring Support Bottom
3x Reverse Ring Transition (top to rotate under)
3 X Muscle Up Pull Throughs
*On Transitions, try and hold the false grip the entire time. Move considerately for form.

14.4 Repeat
60 Cal Row
50 Toes To bar
40 Wall Ball
30 Cleans 135/95
20 Muscle Ups

4X :30
-Squat Jacks
-Flutter Kicks
-Divebomber Push ups
-Elbow To instep Lunge

Gymnastic Strength:
Strict handstand Push Ups
10 Reps
-rest 1 Minute
9 Reps
8 Reps
7 Reps
6 Reps
5 Reps
4 Reps

12 Minute AMRAP
10 Dumbbell Clean and Jerk 50/35
10 Front Rack Dumbbell Step Up 20”

15 Cal Bike
5 @ Each
-PVC Pass Thru
-PVC Trunk Twist
-PVC Good Morning
-PVC Overhead Squat
-PVC Snatch Balance
-PVC Snatch

Snatch Development:
OTM X 8 Mins
-6 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

3 Rounds For Time
10 Power Snatch 115/75
20 Pistol Squat
75 Double Unders