070818 "5 Reasons Why; Vital Proteins Sports Greens"

If you are like me, the hunt is always on for the 1 whole food supplement that can capture all the benefits without shaking up multiple concoctions or swallowing heaps of pills. The Vital Proteins Brand has consistently been a brand that I use because of #1 the Collagen and #2 the Beef Liver. Well I now have a #3... The Sports Greens. Today on the 5 reasons WHY, we are going to deconstruct this killer supplement and show you why you need to keep it on your counter. 

1. The Collagen Peptides. 
If you haven't heard, Collagen is the most prevalent protein in your body. Arguably more important to your longevity in and out fo the gym, Collagen helps our joints and tissues vibrant so that our muscles are allowed to perform at their best. I have written extensively on the topic both from a performance side as well as Collagen as a Digestive Super Power. Collagen supplementation can help heal the GUT and ensure that the lining maintains its barrier against harmful bacteria that can seep through if you have poor nutrition or get sick. 
2. Watermelon Seed Protein.
Plant based Protein is a great option if you are looking to avoid inflammation and add amino acids to your diet that dont always come with your Whey Protein. Plant based proteins do not harm the GUT like Whey might so as to increase absorption post workout. Like other seeds, it contains a good amount of both Omega- 3's and 6's so you are essentially getting a whole food. Coupled with the collagen Protein, it is a win win for your entire body. 
3. 17 Fruits and Veggies. 
There is little doubt that consuming more veggies has beneficial effects on your blood and associated systems including Neurological and Metabolic. The big thing that jumps out at me about this product outside of the complementary Protein compounds is the amount of fiber that you get when consuming powdered greens. Just like Petrol is kind important for your Engine to run, so is Fiber to your Digestive system. Fiber helps bad fats get pushed through, good bacteria to eat, and keeps your insulin levels right where they need to be. Basically powdered greens in your diet = a healthy body and mind. 
4. Hyaluronic Acid.
This Greens supplement not only gives your skin the uplifting benefits form the Bovine Collagen but also from the Rooster Comb Extract which is a concentrated form of Hyaluronic Acid. This anti inflammatory and cellular hydrator is widely used to keep skin looking vibrant and youthful. Imagine the benefits of this applied to your insides in the same way humans use it on our skin! Take yourself inside the body for a moment and imagine each one of your flat cells given a fluff to create rounded and 'full' look. This translates to more fluid in the cells of the joints and the skin as well. Boom... I just took 10 years off your skin! You are welcome. 
5. Flavor. 
I have tried for many years to mask the chalky taste of most greens supplements. Vital Proteins has created a product that tastes as good as the benefits are for you!. The chocolate flavor makes it easy to add into your pre or post workout shake without overpowering it. All and all, this product is so well rounded that it should certainly live on your counter. 

The proof is in the results. If you are looking to boost your recovery and add more vitamins and minerals toy our diet then this supplement is a sure fire way to do so. No chemicals, no tricks , just simple and NATURAL combinations. Keep pushing each day to open yourself to increasing your performance. Ill continue to bring you the best thats out there.. 

Programming Notes 8/6-8/10 *** Note that this is week 11 of the Speed/ Endurance cycle. This is a reloading week where we will have a bit of fun with some Benchmark Workouts that help us on our way of eating all that has been learned over the past weeks. Next week will be the final exposure of the Backsquats and a Test .

Agility Warm Up @ 10m Each
High Knee Pull
Quad Pull
Squat 180 **stepping the leg high over hip, swing opposite leg to 180, squat
High KneesButt kickers
Marching High Kicks
Straight leg shuffles
Fig 4 Drill
Lateral Shuffle
Lateral Bounding
Sprint W/ Change of Direction

Pul Up Prep:
-kip swing
-chin OVer bar Hold
-Jumping Pull Ups

400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups
*Compare to 12/29/17

*Spend 3-5 minutes Rolling out the Piriformis and low back with a lacrosse ball

5 Minutes easy rowing at 1:55-2;15 pace
20 Walking Reverse Lunges
15 Banded Good Mornings
10 Single Leg Lateral Hops on each leg
5 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Hamstring Primer:
3X 8
Deficit Deadlift (feet on a 45# Plate)
Barbell Bent Row

Deadlift  275/185
Burpee Box Jump Overs
**Compare to 8/4/17

Cash out:
1:00 L Sit Hang on P/U Bar

400m Run
21 Squat Therapy
21 Jumping Pull Ups
400m Run
15 Barbell Tall Cleans
15 Ring Rows

Squat Flow: Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Ankle Roll Out, Bootstraps, PNF Stretch, Squat W/ T Spine Stretch

Spend 5 Minutes Covering the Chest To bar Pull Up
-Kip Swing
-Butterfly Pull Up
-Banded Chest To bar
-Australian Pull Up

Front Squat-
*From Rack
*Use a moderate load, go by feel.

“Good Times”
Bodyweight Front Squat
Chest TO bar Pull Up

3X :30 @ Each
-High Knee Jump Rope
-Side Lunge
-Seated arm Swing
-Tempo Push Ups
-Squat Jumps

Lunge Flow:
- elbow to instep W/ twist
-hamstring pulses
-samson Lunges

-warrior 2 pose
-pigeon Stretch

For Time;
1 Mile Run,
10 Min AMRAP
20 Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges 44/26
15 Push Ups
10 Slam Ball


20 Single Unders
5 Inch Worms
20 Reverse Single Unders
5 Kip Swings
20 Double Under Cadence 3/1 (3 singles / 1 Double)
5 Inch Worms
20 Reverse Double Under Cadence
5 Kip Toe TO bar

Rotator Cuff Drills W/ 5# weights;
-Bent Scarecrow +External Rotations
-Bent Plate Pull To Cheeks
-Bent Reverse Flys
-Bent lat pulls
-Standing Lateral Raises
-Standing Front Raises
-Standing Corkscrews
_Standing Wide Presses
-Standing Narrow Presses

On the 3 Minute for 5 Rounds
10 Push Jerks @ 205/115
50 Double Unders
15 Toes TO Bar

Cash Out:
7X Dumbbell Reverse FLys
7X Lateral Raises
7X Tempo See Saw Press