140119 " How and when to use Caffeine to Boost your Training "

In 2004 the Olympic governing Body took caffeine off the banned substances list. This supplement and naturally occurring component of some foods, finally got buy off at the highest level. Caffeine is the most studied performance substance that we take as athletes. The history of use in athletics has a long lineage, going back over a hundred years ago. But Im not here to give you a History lesson. I want to help you with your training TODAY! Caffeine supplementation in your diet is truly a science so read on to see how to maximize its benefits.

Coffee and tea is clearly the most popular choice among Athletes and Humans who know the benefits of caffeine during training. But here are some key aspects to caffeine you may not know.
1. Caffeine turns the brain on. Through its interaction with the nervous system, it makes you think clearer, react faster and even helps you not feel pain!
2. Caffeine acts on your GUT to produce Adrenaline.
3. Caffeine works to keep the important sugar, glycogen, topped up in your muscles and activates fat burning.
4. Caffeine enters into the blood stream and produces Endorphins which can give you a feeling of euphoria during workouts.

How you take your caffeine and how much really matter. So here is the skinny on boosting performance…

1. For Aerobic workouts, +:15 minute durations of consistent effort;
The important aspects to boosting your performance are all about dosing. You want to dose caffeine up to 200mg (depending body weight) at least 20 minutes before you begin training. The caffeine will dilate the blood vessels and help with oxygen transfer. For 80% effort during a 20 minute AMRAP this is key to crushing your workout.

2. For Repeated Efforts. + 3-4 Interval training Repeats @ 3:00-12:00.
The important findings here are the lower doses of caffeine with the combination of some lower glycemic carbohydrates and potassium. That means if you are on the track or in the gym and you have 3-4 workouts to do in 2 hours, you want to keep caffeine intake low in the beginning and then each break, consume 30 grams of carbohydrates , 50grams of caffeine and 15 grams of protein. This will keep the muscle glycogen high to avoid fatigue and help keep your lactate threshold higher. Dont go into a long session all JACKED on caffeine only to be useless by workout #2.

3. For Anaerobic Workouts . 1:00-6:00 all out efforts.
Caffeine can actually inhibit optimal performance as the heart rate may peak and blood pressure may become too high for mental clarity and muscle function. The best choice for Caffeine intake is POST-WORKOUT when performing a maximal effort workout. The best thing to do is prime the body with Whole Foods and carbohydrates BEFORE the workout and save the coffee or tea for afterward. The caffeine will help restore the muscle glycogen and direct carbs to the muscle for repair .

No matter the workout, a big misconception that ‘more is better’ is not usually the case. Your body will only be able to process the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee in a 2 hour period. Drinking espresso after espresso is a fun game to play but it rarely yields a lot of athletic benefits other than sweaty palms! Be moderate about the caffeine and have the KING of all supplements work for you instead of against you.

For my Endurance runners out there it is important to take away that consistent caffeine intake along with other carbs and electrolytes during a race is important. There is very little research that shows you will become dehydrated because of coffee intake during long Aerobic training days. IT can actually help keep you from getting cramps!

The best way to explore what I am talking about is to experiment on yourself. Everyone is different and reactions to caffeine can vary by how much you already consume or how much you weigh. You are a scientist, explore and succeed.
I Love you and will be here to support you through all of it!!
1/14-1/18 ***This is Week 7 Of the BackSquat Exposure Cycle. It is also the first week of retesting CrossFIt Games Opens Workouts before the 2019 season… whatever the may look like. The Squats will be free tempo this week and we are going to build to a HEAVY 2RM. 18.5 is the first Re-do, this nasty workout is short and painful. Make sure that you are primed and warm before you go full tilt into this one. WARM UP CORRECTLY!
400m Run
20m Bear Crawl
20m Crab Walk
10 Barbell Good Morning
10 Barbell Single Leg RDL (each Leg)

Free Tempo!!
*Go Every 2:00

“Karen Bites Hard”
150 Wall Ball Shots
EMOM 5 Bodyweight Deadlifts
*every minute On the minute, stop and do 5 deadlifts, then begin WB again

Kettle Bell Warm up:
W/ Light KB (no more than 15#)
12@ Each
Head Circles 'L' 
Head Circles 'R'
Trunk Rotations
Up right Rows
Press 'L'
Press 'R'
Romanian Deadlift
Squat Up and overs (outside right foot, up and over to outside left foot)
Single Leg Deadlift
Lateral Lunges
Windmill 'L'
Windmill 'R'
Sit Ups
Snatch 'L'
Snatch 'R'
Squat Jumps

Gymnastic Strength:
EMOM 15:
A: :40 Supine Ring Row
B: :40 Lateral High Knees (10M Cone distance)
C: :40 Strict Ring Dips

*work through reps, rest remaining time
0-4 Mins
20 Kettlebell Walking Lunge
30 Russian Kettlebell Swing
15 Cal Bike

4-8 Min
20 Kettlebell Walking Lunge
30 Russian Kettlebell Swing
21 Cal bike

8-12 Mins
20 Kettlebell Walking Lunge
30 Russian Kettlebell Swing
27 Cal Bike

500m Row
10 PVC Pass Thru
10 PVC Trunk Twist
10 PVC Snatch Balance

Clean Prep:
7@ Each W/ Barbell
-Hang Clean High Pulls
-Hang Muscle Clean
-Clean Deadlift
-Hang Power Clean
-Hang Clean and Push Press
-Push Jerk
-Clean and Split Jerk

Barbell Skill Work:
1X Power Clean
1X Push Jerk
1X Split Jerk
*Same Weight across @ 80% of working max

3 Thrusters 95/65
3 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
6 Thrusters
6 Chest To bar Pull Ups
… ascending for 7 minutes.

4X :30 @ Each
-Jumping Jacks
-PVC Pass Thru
-Inchworm Push Ups
-Lateral Lunge + 180 degree Turn
-Deadbug Ipsalateral Reach

Challenge #1:—
For Total Time,
7/5 Minute Plank Hold
*every time you fall out, Row 250m .

Challenge #2:—
5 Rounds, NOT for Time
5 Snatch Balance 225/135
50’ Heavy Stone Carry
50’ Handstand Walk
*scale the handstand walk to 3 Wall Walks.

Cool Down:
Scorpion Stretch
Lateral Lunge/ Splits
Cobra Pose

500m Row
8 Burpee Toes To Bar
10 barbell Single Leg Deadlift (Each Leg)
12 Elbow To instep Lunge

Hamstring Prep:
-Romanian Deadlift
-Pendlay Row
*Dont go over 135/95

21 Cal Row
15 Toes To bar
9 Burpee Box Jump
6 Deadlift 335/235

Cool Down:
Banded Hamstring Stretch
Banded Hip Distraction stretch