180319 "Top 5 Most Nutritious Dried Fruits"

Shrivelled up like a 75 year old French Dude on a beach in August, Dried Fruit might not be much to look at but I bet it has one hell of a story! Sweeter than its fresh form, Dried fruit is an amazing alternative to Sugar laden snacks and add a surprisingly powerful nutritional element to all foods that you pair them with. Im going to break down my top 5 most nutritious dried fruits, so you can Thrive on to a full life.

1. Goji Berries. Power Pack Your Cells.
Goji Berries are not a mainstream berry but they have the highest antioxidant profile of any fruit in our wide jungle. This powerful fruit has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for general health, better sleep and improvement in macular degeneration. Goji Berries have 18 different vitamins and minerals, most notably Vitamin A and C. Why it makes my #1 spot is because of the new research that is being done around Alzheimers and Goji Berry consumption. Because it is a natural Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, Goji’s are proving to push back the effects of cognitive decline in at-risk populations!

2. Dried Figs. Post Workout fuel.
As athletes we are given many choices for post workout fuel. Often times this fuel comes in the form of a powder which is not what nature intends for us to consume. We need something that will provide the sugar necessary for the body to repair muscles as well as the fiber to help support the metabolism and GUT. Dried Figs are one of the best post-workout fuels you can consume. Sodium and Potassium are essential electrolytes to refuel the cells in your body after workouts. Figs have upwards of 12% of both minerals in 1 serving. Go organic! Organic figs are not going to be preserved with chemicals and I also encourage GREEK Figs as they are the best in the world.

3. Mulberries. Blood Cell Powerhouse.
Protecting the cells of the body is essential for optimal health. As I have written about many times, the training we perform, the environment that we live in and the stress we live under; wreak havoc on the cells. Eating for support of the cells is essential; as well as eating to produce new cells. Red Blood cells are produces in the Liver and through the consumption of Iron. The liver needs iron to scrub the good cells before sending them back into the body as well as introducing new red blood cells into the mix. Mulberries are dark skinned berries that naturally contain Iron. Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, these berries also have a high profile amount of all the phytochemicals necessary to fight off disease as well.

4. Apricots. The all Around Fruit.
Apricots are a wonderful alternative to many of the HIGH GLYCEMIC Fruits. They have a lot of the same benefits of other dried fruits; high Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium. Their fiber content is good for metabolism, keeping blood sugar from spiking as well as allowing for a great food source for your GUT bacteria. Because of their size and ‘plumpness’ I like to chop them up into salads, muffins, oatmeal, pretty much anywhere that needs a natural sweetener. The key is to not consume too many though. Because they dont fit you up as fast as fresh fruit, you can easily overindulge.

5. Blueberries. Just cause they are awesome.
Ok. Dried fruit is good for you. You get it. But I also just like to eat my favorite fruits just because. Blueberries are dark skinned, antioxidant rich, calorically high, sweet as… little shriveled up balls of goodness. Im not going to lie to you. If you are looking for a low GI fruit with low calories, dried blueberries are not the one you want to go for. But if you are looking for an on-the-go snack to pair with some nuts for energy, this is your berry! Dried blueberries contain 130 calories per serving compared to 28 calories in their fresh form. So if you are out climbing, hiking, trail running; this is the fuel source you need to be putting in your bag.

Nutritional Relevancy is important as we are all athletes and humans trying to live a more robust and independent life. More than the micro-nutrients which are contained in the shriveled skin is an alternative to the JUNK FOOD that is in the supermarket. Eating a combination of some granola, nuts, Jerky and dried fruit is one way you are giving the middle finger to the Food Products industry. You have the information and resources to eat clean, now go do it. Ill be her to support you the entire time.

Programming Notes 2/18-2/22 ** This is Week 3 Of Capacity Testing. “Elizabeth” is our benchmark workout this week and Wednesday I use a 1:1 test ratio with a ascending squat ladder. We retest the Row Conditioning as well as the strict pull up progression. Train safe, recover well.
Roll out your upper back and Teres for 3 mins prior to the session.
1:00 Single under
:30 Planked Shoulder Taps
1:00 High Jump Singles
:30 Push Ups
1:00 High Knee Jump Rope
:30 Piked Push Ups
1:00 1:1 Double Under/ Single Under
:30 Divebomber Push ups

Shoulder Primer:
W/ Light Dumbbells 5-15#
20 Reverse Flys
20 Bent Scare Crows
20 See-Saw Press
20 Front Raises
20 Lateral Raises

Row Conditioning:
A- 15/12 Cals
B- 12/10 Cals

20 Double Unders/ 1 Strict Handstand Push Up
20 Double Unders / 2 Strict HSPU
20 Double Unders / 3 Strict HSPU
20 Double Unders / 4 Strict HSPU
….. Until time is called.

1:00 or 25 Reps @ Each
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Iron Cross
Banded Good Mornings
Banded Skull Crushers

Clean and Jerk Warm Up:
7@ Each
-Romanian Deadlift
-High Pull
-Muscle Clean 
-Front Squat
-Hang Clean 

Clean Complex:
Go Every 2:00 X 5 rounds @ Elizabeth weight or slightly above
-2X Clean Deadlift
-2X hang Power Clean from Mid Thigh
-2X Tall Clean (shrug and pull under, catch in squat)
-1X Front Squat

*Heartrate Primer. Going into this workout you want to be hot, so a 400m run + 10 Burpee Tuck Jumps is a good way to get the chili hot before you get into it

Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dips
*Compare to 10/23/18

1 mile Bike
20 High Knees

20 Squats
15 Deadbug Ipsa Lateral Reach
15 Arm Haulers
10 Sit Ups
10 Side Lunges
.5 Mile Bike

Squat Flow: Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Ankle Roll Out, Bootstraps, PNF Stretch, Squat W/ T Spine Stretch

4 X 5:00 Work/ 5:00 Rest
400m Run BUY IN// Then,
A- 12 Front Squat 115/75, 5 burpee box Jump Overs 24/20”
B- 10 Front Squat 135/95, 5 Burpee Box Jump Overs
C- 8 Front Squat 155/95, 5 burpee box Jump Overs
D- 6 Front Squat 185/115, 5 Burpee box Jump Overs

500m Row
15 Kip Swings
12 Dumbbell Bent Row
10 Double Unders
:10 Chin Over the bar Hold

Gymnastic Strength: (Week 2)
Max Strict Pull Ups
—Straight Into—
1:00 Hollow Body Flutter Kicks

60 Double Unders
40 Dumbbell Alternating Snatch 50/35
20 Chest to bar Pull Ups

4X :30
-10m Line Touch/ Backpedal
-10m Lateral Line Touches
-10m Bear Crawl
-10m Crab Walk
-V Ups

Banded Mobility:
-Hip Distraction
-Hamstring Pulses
-Good Mornings
-Pass Throughs
-Trunk Twists

Hamstring Primer;
3X 8
-Romanian Deadlift 135/95
-Pendlay Row

For Time,
150m Run
50 Deadlift 225/135
150m Run
40m Handstand Walk (4 Wall Climb)
150m Run
30 Thrusters 115/75
150m Run
20 Toes To Bar
150m Run