150419 "Mastering Your Mental State"

Life is unpredictable. As soon as you wake in the morning you become part of the wave in this worlds ocean. If you have a few years under your belt this is very apparent. We are all interconnected and subject to everyone and everything around us. Well, given this truth you still have control of the most important thing, your state of consciousness.

Mental Mastery is the dedication, nay, the discipline to gaining absolute control to your thoughts, emotions and by extension, your actions...

Now if you thought changing your diet was difficult, directing every thought in your mind takes years to master. Buddhist monks and transcendent spirits devote their entire lives to the intention.

The first thing that you must understand and accept is that your life is completely under your control. All it takes is a mastery over your thoughts. When the thoughts are directed and controlled, you can have everything you have wanted. 

Don't believe me??? 

Try it for a day... 

So many times we feel like we live in a pin-ball game getting bounced around the board as life sees fit. What if your thoughts could be controlled and your 'bounce' all over life could be controlled or even stopped! Your thoughts are essentially the CAUSE TO YOUR EVENTUAL REALITY. If you believe it or think it, it probably is going to happen.

Success is Fitness, Nutrition, Life, and Relationships... Your ability to make a lasting impression on this world around you stems from your Mental Mastery. Just as I have spoken and written about many times, if you can control the intimate bubble around you; filling it with positivity, success and gratitude... Think about the outward effect you will have on the world around you!!!???

Begin tomorrow.. Master your Mental Status. 

Your expectations are a reflection of your confidence in your mind. 

Your emotional response to the world is a direct response to your minds ability to accept and love. 

Who you surround yourself with is a direct election of how your mind thinks of itself. be dedicated my friends.. Success in life depends on you stepping into this battle and winning.

"If you can take it, you can make it" , This is a battle against your ego and yourself. Master the Mental and become the person you want to be!

Programming Notes 4/15-4/19 *** This is Week 1 of the Power and Speed work Exposure cycle. Over the next 8 weeks, expect to practice the skills that will make you faster, more agile and add capacity to your aerobic threshold. The Purpose and timing are linked to the Summer Time activities we love to do. Expect performance gains in your Trail Running, Hiking, and Field Sports.
800m Run
12 Plate Jumps
8 Divebomber Push Up W/ Calf March
12 Reverse Lunges
8 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Lunge Flow:
5@ Each
-Ankle Roll Outs
-Hamstring Pulses
-Elbow TO instep + Reach
-Samson Lunge + Reach
- Pigeon Stretch

Speed WORK 101:

*1X Through Each Movement
Power Skip;
- Vertical Bias for 30 meters
-Horizontal Bias for 50 meters
Double Leg Tuck Jump;
-Verrtical Bias for 30 Meters
-Horizontal Bias For 50 Meters

Single Leg Bound;
-Linear bias for 50 meters
Single Leg lateral Bounding ;
-Linear/ lateral bias for 50m

Skill Development:
A- 8 X Depth Jump @ 12”Box to 20” Box
B- 12 X Single Leg Medicine Ball Up and Overs
C- 12X Tempo Bodyweight Deadlifts (1/2/0)

5:00 Cruising on Assault Bike
12 Leg Swings
12 PVC Front Rack Reverse Lunges
12 Kip Swings
:30 Hollow Hold

Squat Flow: Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Ankle Roll Out, Bootstraps, PNF Stretch, Squat W/ T Spine Stretch

18 Cal Bike
18 Toes TO bar
18 Front Squat @ 135/95
—Rest 4—
15 Cal Bike
15 Toes TO bar
15 Front Squat 155/105
—Rest 4—
12 Cal Bike
12 Toes To bar
12 Front Squat 185/115

10@ Each
-Arm Swing
-Banded Pass Thru
-Banded Pull Apart (Supine grip)
-Banded Pull Apart (Prone grip)
-Banded Trunk Twisty

100m Run
10m High Skip
10m Carioca
10m Butt Kickers
10m high Knees
10m Side Shuffle

10X Kip Swing
10X Ring Row
10X Pull Up Negatives

20 Minute AMRAP
400m Run
Max Rep Pull Up
*Every time you drop off the bar, run 400m.
*Score is max reps pull up
*Perform The Workout in the EXACT same way you did on 4/1

4X :40 work/ :20 rest
-Jumping Jacks
-PVC Pass Thru
-Divebomber Push Ups
-Banded Pull Apart
-Jump Lunges
-Arm Haulers

Upper Body Primal Strength:
4X Not For Time
10 Kneeling Barbell Landmine Press (Each Arm)
20 Dumbbell Renegade Row
16 Sandbag or KB Planked Lateral Drag
-Rest 2:00 Between Sets-

5 Rounds for Time
9 Dumbbell Hang Clean
12 Dumbbell Push Press
50 Double Unders

Cool Down:
Bully Stretch
Lat Band Stretch
Scapula Distraction

250m Row
10X Lateral Line Touches @ 10m
:30 Planked Hip Bridges (supine plank hip bridge)
10X Deadbug Ipsalateral reach

Core Circuit:
4 Rounds Not For Time
16 Kneeling Med Ball Up and Over Slams
20 2X Hollow Body Flutter Kicks
24 Kettlebell Side Bends (12 Each Side)

Aerobic Workout:
For Time
500m Row
50 Kettlebell Front Rack Step Up(single KB)
50 Wall Ball
400m Run
40 Ring Dips
40 Wall Ball
300m Row
30 Kettlebell Push Up and Walk Over
30 Wall Ball