080419 "Your Daily Nugget: How our SPIT made us smarter"

The Evolution of our species is really interesting. Since most of us only conceptualize humans as we see them now, the reality is that the process of how we became and are becoming is MUCH more fascinating. At the root of our ability to speak, think, lift weights, and procreate is our genetics. The switches inside of our body that are either activated or disengaged, giving us the variety in human traits we see today. Genetic evolution has happened concurrently with our passion for moving around this earth. All manner of genes have gotten manipulated in order for us to survive, even the genes that are prevalent in our SPIT. Thats right, the liquid you are tonguing right now is a powerful tool in our evolution and science is just discovering now!

If you are a consistent reader of my blog you will undoubtedly know that passion is in the GUT. Our Stomach, Small and Large intestine are vital to our existence and science is moving closer and closer to proving that it is the REAL brain that controls our body.

So it would come as quite a surprise to me when I read the STUDY which claims,(Through DNA testing), that our SPIT has helped us evolve and grow our brains bigger and bigger for millennia.

The Spit (or Spittle) in our mouths is the second digestive process behind mastication (chewing) of the food in our mouths. As we break down the contents of our food, there is a protein called ALPHA AMYLASE PROTEIN which goes to work on the food. The Protein is unique in that it is only found in humans and our closest mammal relatives. The Protein breaks down STARCH into Maltose and Dextrose, important sugar molecules that your brain needs to function.

Here is where this gets really interesting. Scientists have been extracting DNA from our ancient ancestors… our REALLY ancient ancestors to see what they were all about. It turns out that around 150,000 years ago when we humans started farming and moving away from gathering, our brains started to grow. But why is this?

The most common forms of agriculture during this period were African tubers and other root vegetables that are high in starch. Starchy foods are high in energy (sugars) but our bodies weren’t really getting the job done as it were. So, being that our DNA is much smarter than we are (because its mostly viral DNA that have a will to survive far greater and longer than we can comprehend) , it evolved the digestive system to capture as much of the nutrients as possible! As evolution occurred and the GUT was able to provide more energy to our brains, it got bigger and bigger.

And the Rest they say, is History. We farmers killed our Neadrethal cousins and real estate prices drove the Gatherers into the hills where they essentially bred themselves into extinction. (**this is a joke and purely speculative)

The alpha-amylase Protein is now the most prevalent in industrial agriculture societies like ours. We LIVE off starchy foods like Corn, Oats, Wheat, and Potatoes and therefore have the highest amount of genetic markers of this protein. For Contrast, tribal communities in New Guinea have the lowest.

So what do you do with this nugget of information? Here are key take aways that can help your health and athletic performance;
1. Chew our food longer. The more you break down your food in the mouth, the more nutrients can be extracted.
2. Hydrate. Sliva or Spit; quality and quantity are directly related to how hydrated your body is.
3. Dont drink a lot of liquid while you eat. Drinking during your meal should only be by feel. You can dilute the effects of your spit if you drink too much.
4. Starchy foods are necessary. Your brain, muscles and GUT all rely on sugars to function. Ensure that the starchy foods are high in FIBER so that digestion downstream occurs as a good rate.
5. Avoid processed foods. Processed foods and carbohydrates can increase inflammation and curtail digestion. It doesn’t matter how good we may eat, if our body isn’t absorbing it, its a waste.

Love your Spit and live forever my friends.
Programming Notes 4/8-4/12 ** This week we are going to have a taste of the power/ speed work that is going to be the dominate force of the next exposure cycle. It is important to understand that mechanics need to be mastered before power can be optimized. We test the Benchmark 5k this week. This is a Power Run so hit it hard and dont back off. You can take it.

800m Run
12 Plate Jumps
8 Divebomber Push Up W/ Calf March
12 Reverse Lunges
8 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Lunge Flow:
5@ Each
-Ankle Roll Outs
-Hamstring Pulses
-Elbow TO instep + Reach
-Samson Lunge + Reach
- Pigeon Stretch

Speed WORK 101:
*1X Through Each Movement
Power Skip;
- Vertical Bias for 30 meters
-Horizontal Bias for 50 meters
Double Leg Tuck Jump;
-Verrtical Bias for 30 Meters
-Horizontal Bias For 50 Meters

Single Leg Bound;
-Linear bias for 50 meters
Single Leg lateral Bounding ;
-Linear/ lateral bias for 50m

Lower Primal Strength Workout:
4 Rounds not For Time
12 Front Rack Kettlebell Step Ups (Heavy-ish)
12 Tempo Front Squat 3/1/1
12 Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps (pull knee high on each jump)

1 K Row
then, 10 @ Each W/ light Dumbbell
-Single Arm Presses
-Trunk Circles
-Up And Overs
-Russian Twist
-Sit Ups
-Goblet Squat
-Goblet Side Lunges
-Toe Touches
-Single Arm DB Snatch

Pull Up Prep:
10 @ Each
-Kip Swings
-Negative Pull Ups
-Jumping Pull Ups
-Kipping Pull Ups

A- 10 Dumbbell Thruster / 5 Pull Ups
B- 15 Lateral Box Jump Overs
C- 10 Dumbbell Clean / 5 Pull Ups
D- 15 Calorie Row

4X :45 Work /:15 Rest
-Assault bike
-Resistance band Pass Thru
-Resistance Band Pull Apart
-Resistance Band Bent Row
-Resistance Band Press and Rip
-Resistance Band Monster Walk

Strict Press
*Super Set with a :10-:20 Supine Ring Row Hold

5 Rounds
Every 3 Minutes,
30 Cal Bike
15 Push Press 115/75
—Rest 5 Mins—
200’  Handstand Walk or 15 Wall Climbs

Core Cash Out:
1:00 Deadbug Contra Lateral Reach
1:00 Side Plank Hip Bridges

10@ Each
-Leg Swing Forward
-Leg Swing Side
-Hip Circles
-Air Squats
-Ankle Roll Outs
-Side Lunges
-Hip Hinge
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-Power Skip
-Squat Thrust Tuck Jumps
-Mountain Climbers
-Deadbug Ipsa Lateral Reach

Benchmark Testing:
Run 5 K
*Compare to 2/28

Cool Down:
Down Dog/ Calf March
Pigeon Stretch

50 High Knee Rope Skips
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Monster Walks
10 Single Leg Toe Touches

Hamstring Primer:
3X 8
-Deficit Romanian Deadlift 135/95
-Pendlay Row

100-80-60-40-20 Double Unders
50-40-30-20-10 Sit Ups
10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift @ 1.5 X Bodyweight
—Rest 5 mInutes—
15 Kettlebell Swings 70/53