"Fish Oil; The Secret Sauce Behind a Better SEX Life"

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Hormones Run the show. Your body is simply reacting to the stimulus acted upon it by the chemicals flowing through. No matter what it is you are doing, your endocrine system is responsible…. Walking, Thinking, Talking, and Especially SEX. We all know that a good diet and healthy living are important for maintaining the machine but there is growing research which shows that Fish Oil could have farther reaching benefits than just controlling triglyceride levels. Your Sex life (and performance) is a key indicator of overall health. Fish Oil may just be what you need to optimize this important aspect of existence!

Omega-3 Fatty acids were the hottest thing only 10-15 years ago. When the court of Public Opinion finally came around to understanding that FAT is actually essential for health and that the Low-Fat craze of the 1970’s was showing an unprecedented decline in metabolic health among the general population. Over time, the Scientific community began to put out study after study showing the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ANTI-OXIDATIVE benefits of Omega -3 Fatty acids. In this group, Fish Oil (high quality variety) came out as a oral supplement which could provide some serious health benefits.

Well; the studies have continued and the benefits of this Omega-3 fatty acid are showing more and more relevance in our modern lives. As Cognitive diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia become prevalent and stress levels are surging; Fish Oil consumption is being studied on the Endocrine system as well as the Metabolic System in hopes of beneficial revelations.

As I noted before, Your Sex Life is a Key indicator of overall health and athletic performance. People who have sex often have lower cortisol levels, optimal serotonin and dopamine production and good cardiovascular health. The measure of what system is better for sex, either Cardiovascular (Blood Pressure) or Endocrine (Hormones) has been tested and studied. It appears that even through physiology is a major determinate for sexual performance, your Hormones (especially Dopamine) is more important because it helps your SEX DRIVE!

Fish Oil is metabolized and then utilized by the HYPOTHALAMUS to create and distribute Dopamine throughout the body. But just dumping Dopamine into the body and brain without balance is no good for anyone. In fact, Cocaine users become so dependent on the Drug because it creates a huge amount of Dopamine storage in the brain and throws everything out of whack, hormonally. Fish Oil helps to not only create optimal levels of Dopamine but also helps to improve or increase other hormone/metabolic function. Potassium and Acetocholine are examples of other nuerotrasmitters that Fish Oil has been shown to assist.

While the case is being made for the Hormone regulation, we cannot forget about the Omega-3 fatty acids that fish oil delivers to our body. A strong heart is SO important to SEX. Omega-3’s in Fish Oil help keep blood clots from forming, decrease plaques from forming in the vessels, and keep blood pressure good. It seems that this supplement is an all-in-one solution for better performance.

But supplementing with a Fish Oil pill is just one way to ensure good Omega-3’s in your diet. Eggs, Salmon, Mackerel are all Whole Foods that can maintain hormone balance and Cardiovascular health. Plus, when it comes to Dopamine specifically, good SLEEP each night ensures that Hormones are balanced, so dont forget to get your 8 hours per night.

A good Sex life is damn important to either maintaining your relationships, your mental health and even your physical Health. Get on the Sauce (that is , Fish Oil) to help keep yours in line or kick start the process. Remember to mind the quality by researching the EPA and DHA levels as well as asking around to see which brands work for your friends. Who knows, it may be the conversation starter that leads to a some good Sex later on!
Love Yourself,
Programming Notes 5/13-5/17 *** This is week 5 of the Speed/ Power Skill Work. Going to begin to expose y’all to some change of direction . When pivoting 45/90/ 180.. it is important to move not just the feet but the hips and torso as well. Once mechanics of the Change of Direction are in place, then REAL speed can be added. Trust the warm ups and go into every workout this week with intention.
Agility Warm Up @ 10m Each
High Knee Pull 
Quad Pull 
Squat 180 **stepping the leg high over hip, swing opposite leg to 180, squat
High Knees
Butt kickers
Marching High Kicks
Straight leg shuffles
Fig 4 Drill
Lateral Shuffle 
Lateral Bounding

Lunge Flow:
-Ankle Roll Outs
-Hamstring Pulses
-Elbow TO instep + Reach
-Samson Lunge + Reach
-Dynamic Pigeon Stretch

“Speed Work 105”
3 X
20X Seated Arm Swing
50m Power Skip W/ Exaggerated Arm Swing
50 M A Skip
50m B Skip
1X 50m Sprint W/ 45 degree Change of Direction (L/R)
1 X 50m Sprint W/ 90 Degree Change of Direction (L/R)
1X 50m Sprint W/ Jump Back Start
1X 50m 3point Sprint Start

Accessory Work:
4 Rounds Not For Time
A- 1:00 Side pLank (each Side)
B- 16X Reverse Lunge With Front Foot Elevated 6”.
**May use weight
C- 5X Bounding Broad Jump


5 Minutes on Assault Bike
50 High Knee Rope Skips
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Monster Walks
10 Single Leg Toe Touches

Hinge Strength:
3X 12 @ Each
-Romanian Deadlift
-Kettlebell Bent Row
**Perform 1-2 Warm up sets, before setting load.
These Should be challenging Reps

Every 5:00 for 5 Total Rounds Complete,
25 Cals on Bike
21 V Ups
12 Power Clean 155/105
-Rest Remaining Time.
-Goal is to finish within :10 every interval

400m Run
10 Side Lunges
10 Knee To Elbow Push Up
10 Jump Squat 180’s

Squat Flow: Squat Flow: Kang Squat, Internal Rotation, Ankle Roll Out, Bootstraps, PNF Stretch, Squat W/ T Spine Stretch

Lower Primal:
@ 1.5X Bodyweight

Strength Workout:
2 Rounds For Time
400m Run
30 Burpee
400m D Ball Carry 100/60#
*If you have a Weight Vest, Wear It

800m Run
12 Plate Jumps
8 Divebomber Push Up W/ Calf March
12 Reverse Lunges
8 Burpee Tuck Jumps

Double Under Prep:
20@ Each
-Single under
-Single Leg Hops
-High Knee Rope Skips
-Cadence Drill 3 singles/ 1 Double
-Cadence Drill 3 Singles / 2 Doubles
-Cadence Drill 1 Single/ 1 Double
-Double Unders
- Triple under\

Aerobic Conditioning:
30 Minute AMRAP
1 k Row
75 Double Unders
50 cals on Assault Bike

Cool Down:
Couch Stretch
Iron Cross/ Low back Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

500m Row
10 Prone Grip Banded Pull Aparts
10 Supine Grip Banded Pull Parts
10 Banded Pass Thru
10 Banded trunk Circles
10 Scapula Pull Ups

Vertical Press Primals:
12 Banded Landmine Presses
10 Strict Ring Dips
8 L Sit Pull Ups

Toes To bar
Chest TO Bar Pull Ups
Thruster 115/75
Overhead Barbell Lunges 115/75