030619 "New Science, Common Knowledge.. Food is better than supplements"

If you are a long time reader of my Content, there is no mistaking my love for research studies. Im absolutely crazy for the latest published study because two things usually happen; 1. The wide variety of research being done is inspiring and it gives me deep faith in the last bastion of objective virtue . 2. The Complex Research Reaffirms a lot of the simple thinking that we already know to be true! This week, Food Vs. Supplementation in regards to probiotics. The real truth that could save you money and time.

New Science that is digging into Psychiatric remedies through GUT microbiota changes , has emerged with some findings that are interesting. The STUDY looks at a common psychiatric ailment, Anxiety. Anxiety is common now and is quickly moving up the list of all time ‘most medicated diseases’ because of the overwhelming stress levels that we all live in today. Anxiety can have both mental and physical symptoms and what the Science community is honing their sights on is treating these symptoms form the GUT level instead of just trying to numb people to the disease through meds.

A group of over 1500 people were asked to change their routine by either adding probiotic or cleaning up their diet. After only 2 months there was a 52% decrease in symptoms of anxiety across the probiotic groups. There was an even greater response to the symptoms when a healthy diet was the course.

A 30,000 ft view of this study (after reading the material quite closely) is that the act of TAKING the Probiotic gave the participants more of a placebo effect than was actually effecting the microbiome in such a significant way to create change. The real gem is the effect of taking a hold of the mind and eating better can have on assisting the good Bactria in your GUT.

Probiotics VS. Prebiotics.
Probiotics are the living organisms found in some foods. Supplements that claim to be probiotics are usually only 1-5 strains whereas your GUT contains millions of strains for optimal health. Over production of one kind of strain can lead to issues with balance in the GUT.
Prebiotics are the non-digestible byproducts of your food. These include cruciferous veggies like broccoli, and Brussel Sprouts, onion, sauerkraut (both pro and prebiotic).. and even apples are very high in probiotics.

Eating a VARIED Whole food diet without processed food and excess sugar can provide you with enough of both the PRE and PRO biotics necessary to sustain optimal health and performance.

The study of mental and physical ailments and their connection to GUT health is more and more common in the research world now. The Science community is looking for the Silver bullet that will cut through genetics and environmental factors to help aid in keeping people healthy without medicine. Lest us never forget that FOOD IS THE GREATEST MEDICINE…Hippocrates knew that thousands of years ago. We should be so keen to this basic truth!

Be wary of Probiotic claims , and eat with consciousness and love. Ill be here to support you the entire time!.