190819 "An Editorial Perspective on Celiac disease and Gluten "

This week a ground breaking Study came out from a Team of Swedish scientists. The STUDY was the most comprehensive done on an array of children, proving that the amount of Gluten that a child consumes is related to their risk for developing Celiac Disease. The reason why this is so big is that the sample of children spans not just European but American as well. While the line has now been drawn between the Celiac and Gluten this does not fill the void of information which lies outside of this test. I have so many questions which I will lay out for you, and I encourage your thoughtful response.

Celiac Disease is an auto immune disease that was very uncommon a generation ago. The disease, often under diagnosed, is one in which the body attacks itself. Most common is the inflammation of the GUT which leads to a host a health issues ranging from as simple as bouts of diarrhea to hormonal issues like Depression.

There is not question that the Food products industry has changed over the past 30 years. I know this because I was the generation that grew up on Low Fat- High Carb diets. Unlike many European Countries, the United States has had the greatest shift in food production as there is a lot of $$$MONEY$$$ to be made by getting people to eat A Lot of Cheap Food. Fillers like genetically modified corn and soy make food very cheap and the quality of the foods have gone down in the same way that production and consumption has gone up.

So back to the study and my questions….

If there is now a link between childhood Gluten intake (as little as 2 g per day) and the development of this disease then where are all the dots in between which can account for the rise in the auto immune disease???

1. What are the Types of Gluten Containing Foods that lead to Celiac Disease?
This is a GIGANTIC question which science will undoubtedly try to solve but will miss on. The reason is ;
A. Food Products vary from Country to Country. The Wheat that we grow here in the US is different than that which is grown in Europe and elsewhere. This is just one example of many types of food products that would be hard to pin down over such a large population across the globe.
B. Food Products act on each individual differently. While we can be sure that High Sugar and High Processed foods are bad across the board, depending on your genetic expression and dhow much inflammation a person can tolerate without showing symptoms is hard to judge.

2. What are the other Environmental Factors Associated with the increase in Celiac Disease?
There are two schools of thought in medicine at the moment. On one hand we are getting better at diagnosing the disease at an earlier age in children and adults. The better we are at doing so, the statistics gradually show a rise in the prevalence.
But there is also a nagging feeling in the back of my head that is telling me that our food environment, and cultural environment are leading to more widespread WEAKNESS in the immune systems of kids. I cannot speak to many European cultures and regulations but here in America it is all about Cleanliness. Food is triple washed, genetically modified, and so far separated from our mouths that it has pretty much gone through nuclear decontamination before it hits our plates.
I, therefore, believe that our food environment as a WHOLE is putting kids at risk and GLUTEN is simply the actor which is being blamed for the problem. My thinking is that we are looking at the GUT through a very small microscope hoping to pin a Villain; in the same way that our modern western medicine treats symptoms rather than the cause of disease.

3. What do we do with this information?
Disseminating information that can reach the group of people which need it the most is always the most challenging part of science. The study is wonderful in its scope of identification of ‘at risk’ kids but where do we go from here. Our Immune health and GUT health are the keys to developing a population of kids that are healthy enough to support the economy not just drain it in the the form of increase hospitalization. We all need to be doing our part in the home and educating our friends and family about the risks that the food environment pose to us.

We are slowly pushing the planet and our species to a point where breaks are going to happen. Being as open to living a healthy lifestyle as we are to efforts to save the planet from global warming will have huge impacts on our children lives. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. You have all seen it on shirts and bumper stickers. Food = Health = Prosperity = A Better World. Lets all forge ahead, listen to the science and keep asking questions. Ill be here with love and support the entire time.
Programming Notes 8/19-8/23 *** This week we work on a multitude of Interval timing structures with the goal of being mindful of overdoing volume. Tuesday and Friday are big days of work load and Monday and Thursday are meant for moderate intensity. Blow Out intensity on Wednesday for anaerobic intervals!!
4X ;30 @ Each
-Side Plank
-Jumping jacks
-Divebomber Push ups
-Single Leg Toe Touches
-Iron Cross

Hamstring Primer:
3X 8 @ Each
-Deficit (Tempo)Romanian Deadlift 135/95
-Pendlay Rows

**Take 7 Minutes to build to a Heavy Deadlift

30 Minute EMOM
A- 15 hollow Rocks
B- 30-50’ Handstand Walk
C- 5X Heavy Deadlift

Row 750m
12 Squats
10 Jump Lunges
8 Inchworm Push Ups
6 Single Leg Burpee
4 Tuck Jumps
2 Lateral Shuffle to 20’ cone Touch

Lunge Flow:
-Ankle Rolls
-Hamstring Pulses
-Elbow TO instep Lunge + Reach
-Samson Lunge +Twist
-Pigeon Stretch

Skill Dev:
4 Rounds
-5 Seated box Jumps 42/30#
-10 Bulgarian DB Split Squat 50/35

4 Rounds for Time
27 Box Jumps
20 Burpees
11 Squat Clean 145/100#

400m Run
50’ Bear Crawl
50’ Crab Walk
50’ Lateral Bounding
50’ Lunges
50’ Broad Jump

Odd Object Training:
3X 100m @ Each with Kettlebell
-(L) arm Overhead Carry (R) Farmers Hold
-(R) arm Overhead Carry (L) Farmers Hold
-Front Rack Carry
-Overhead Carry

Row Conditioning:
3X 27 Calorie Intensity Row (Rest 1:00)
4X 21 Cal Intensity Row (Rest :45)
5X 15 Cal Intensity Row (Rest :30)

50 Single under Rope Skips
10 DB Halos 5#
50 High Knee Rope Skips
10 DB Single Arm Press + Windmill
50 BackWard Rope Skips
10 DB Lateral Raises
50 Double Unders
10 DB High Pulls

Shoulder Primer W/ 5# Plates
-Scarecrow + Press
-Bent Over Row
-Bent Over Reverse Flys
-Bent Over Superman
-Bent Over Overhead Press
-Standing Y Presses
-Standing Cross Over Presses

Vertical Primal Pressing Complex:
4 X, @ Casual Pace
3 Back Rack Push Press
2 Front Rack Split Jerk
6 Strict Pull Ups

Aerobic Work:
2 Rounds
100 Double Unders
60 Cal Bike
40 Diamond Push Ups

30 Cal on Air Runner
10 Box Pistol Squat (5 Each Leg)
12 Lateral KB Goblet Lunge
5 Inchworm Push Ups
20 Cal on Air Runner
10 Box Pistol Squat (5 Each Leg)
12 Lateral KB Goblet Lunge
5 Inchworm Push Ups
10 Cal on Air Runner
10 Box Pistol Squat (5 Each Leg)
12 Lateral KB Goblet Lunge
5 Inchworm Push Ups

Core Dev:
3 Rounds
100’ Dumbbell Overhead Carry
100’ D Ball Carry

Dumbbell Front Squat 50/35
Dumbbell Devils Press
-400m Run on Ai Runner Between each set.